WYCLIFFE College has recorded its best ever set of A-level results with a 99.8% pass rate and a third of all grades awarded to pupils being either A* or A.

The outstanding scores, which surpass the impressive results of the last two years, cement Wycliffe's reputation as one of the leading educational establishments in the country.

Although pupils were able to access their marks at home through the Stonehouse school's website this morning, a significant number still turned up to collect their results in person and to share in the prevailing atmosphere of joy and jubilation.

A champagne reception was laid on for parents and pupils to toast to the multiple success stories and the headteacher Margie Burnet Ward individually congratulated many on their academic triumphs.

In total, 12 students at the non-selective independent school achieved all A*s and As, and out of the 544 A-level grades awarded to Wycliffe's pupils just one was not a pass.

The top performer was Amy Chubb, from Dursley, who scored three A* grades and she shared the limelight with Rob Camm, Scott Young and Jess Barry, who each obtained two A*s and an A.

Head girl Sheryll Goddard was another who excelled, achieving an A in English, a B in history and a B in drama.

The 18-year-old, who has aspirations of working in television or the newspaper industry, will now go on to study multimedia journalism at the University of Kent.

Josie Doran is also set to make the step up into the realms of higher education, although the 18-year-old is planning to take a gap year before beginning her studies at the University of Reading, where she will study archaeology after securing an A* and two As.

Deputy head boy Rob Telford, 18, who lives in Horsley, was awarded three As in biology, chemistry and maths, and will now read medical science at the University of Birmingham.

Wycliffe's head, Margie Burnet Ward said, "These results have exceeded all our expectations. Our brilliant young people have responded to our unique combination of care, endeavour and academic direction to produce this stunning outcome and I congratulate them all and the staff who have worked tirelessly on their behalf."