Stroud News and Journal: Neil Carmichael calls for innovation on how we fuel cars and lorries

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'The Valleys and Vale is a great place to live' - says MP Neil Carmichael

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael has praised the speech

7:00am Thursday 19th June 2014

ALTHOUGH my constituency is called Stroud – I am very proud of the Stroud area with all its diversity, history and special characteristics.

MP Neil Carmichael says Queen's Speech reflects boost in economy

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael has praised the speech

10:02am Monday 9th June 2014

THE Queen’s Speech to both Houses of Parliament has taken place for the last time before the next General Election. The occasion was splendid, laden with custom and highly significant.

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael discusses the coalition government’s policy on funding the education system

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael is calling for a ban on bee-harming presticides

10:49am Wednesday 2nd April 2014

OUR schools in the Stroud Valleys and Vale are among the most valuable public sector assets we have because they are the places where young people are equipped for their and, by extension, our futures.

MP Neil Carmichael discusses ‘green finance’

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael

10:10am Monday 10th March 2014

THE Environmental Audit Committee, of which I am a member, is empowered to range over all aspects of government to probe and assess the effectiveness of environmentally sustainable policies, and recently published its report entitled Green Finance. The launch event took place in the City of London in order to underline the emphasis on accessing capital for green purposes.

'A trade agreement between the EU and the US would save the average family £400 a year' - says MP Neil Carmichael

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael

9:39am Monday 3rd March 2014

FREE trade has been the cause of huge political ructions, including fighting outright protectionism, opposing “Imperial Preference” and various trade wars, but there remains a huge amount to do.

MP Neil Carmichael praises NHS staff in Stroud

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael (front) visits staff at Stroud Hospital to discuss developments in the hospitals. Pictured with (l-r) Michelle Slater, Spencer Edgar, Liz Fenton and Ingrid Barker

11:37am Monday 24th February 2014

LAST week was a Parliamentary Recess so I was able to spend some quality time in the Valleys and Vale, and, with so much going on, everything I did was inspiring and encouraging and encouraging.

MP Neil Carmichael discusses the Coalition's attempt to 'narrow the gap' for rural schools

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael is calling for a ban on bee-harming presticides

9:34am Monday 10th February 2014

For decades the school funding system has been weighted against rural schools - particularly those in shires such as Gloucestershire.

MP Neil Carmichael discusses a busy week in Parliament

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael is calling for a ban on bee-harming presticides

6:49pm Monday 13th January 2014

NEXT week in Parliament is dominated by a series of debates either initiated by the backbench committee – now with considerable powers to determine the Parliamentary programme and it is wholly appropriate that it should – or through the longstanding standing opportunities for the official opposition to propose motions.

Better times ahead for Britain's economy says MP Neil Carmichael

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP Neil Carmichael is calling for a ban on bee-harming presticides

9:27am Monday 23rd December 2013

BRITAIN'S economic plan is working, but there is still much to do to secure sustainable growth for the whole economy.

Nei Carmichael discusses diabetes

9:50am Monday 12th August 2013

THIS week I popped into the Severn Vale Rotary Club for a breakfast meeting – I am an honourary member, having been a founder member (2002) and now unable to attend on a regular basis following my election to Parliament.

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael talks economic growth, business, schools and skills in this week's column

9:33am Monday 20th May 2013

Putting the Stroud Valleys and Vale on track for economic growth I made two speeches of obvious local relevance in Parliament last week.

Neil Carmichael discusses last week’s budget calling it a move in the right direction

9:29am Tuesday 26th March 2013

LAST week’s budget contained several interesting and innovate features while managing to signal continuity with the deficit reduction plan.

'We need a culture change in banking' says Stroud MP Neil Carmichael

9:24am Monday 18th March 2013

Banks and banking are high on the political agenda, writes Stroud MP Neil Carmichael.

Senior NHS managers should take responsibility for failings says Stroud MP Neil Carmichael

11:36am Monday 11th March 2013

All of us depend on the National Health Service in some way.

Communities must be more involved in key planning decisions, says Stroud MP

9:27am Monday 4th March 2013

NEIGHBOURHOOD Planning Brandon Lewis MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Communities and Local Government, came to Stroud to talk about neighbourhood planning.

MP Neil Carmichael calls for better food labelling in light of horse meat scandal

Stroud News and Journal: Neil Carmichael calls for innovation on how we fuel cars and lorries

5:03pm Monday 18th February 2013

Parliament has risen for a 'half-term' recess of one week. Before we all returned to our constituencies, there were opportunities to highlight some key issues and, of course, to discuss the horse meat scandal.

Neil Carmichael discusses education

Stroud News and Journal: Neil Carmichael calls for innovation on how we fuel cars and lorries

9:11am Monday 11th February 2013

Recently I spent a fantastic morning in Stonehouse when I visited two schools.

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael discusses the PCC elections, Bill Clinton and the hit TV series Homeland in this week's column

9:19am Monday 19th November 2012

With the elections over for the Police and Crime Commissioners, I first of all want to congratulate the winner, Martin Surl.

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael discusses protecting the Antartic, school governors and halting the spread of bovine TB

10:30am Monday 29th October 2012

LAST week in Parliament was incredibly frenetic - involving many local people in meetings and events.

MP expresses delight at council homes improvement grant

9:59am Thursday 18th October 2012

STROUD MP NEIL Carmichael has welcomed an announcement that Stroud District Council is to receive a grant of £5.9million to bring its properties in line with the government’s ‘Decent Homes Standard.’

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael's column

10:43am Monday 1st October 2012

AS CHAIRMAN of two All Parliamentary Party Groups (APPG) and secretary of an All Party Group, I have been working with elected members and interested parties on a number of interesting policy areas, all with a relevance to the Five Valleys and Vale.

Stroud MP holding roving surgeries around his constituency

9:32am Monday 24th September 2012

The Conference Recess has started. This is when all of the political parties can hold their annual conferences and it also provides for additional time to be spent by Members in their constituencies.

MP Neil Carmichael's column - Cricket, Dancing and Surgeries

9:53am Monday 9th July 2012

After an incredibly busy week in parliament with economic policy, the antics of bankers, restructuring of the armed forces, the first annual report on the National Health Service and foreign policy all featuring, I was looking forward to several constituency events to support and properly enjoy.

Neil Carmichael calls for innovation on how we fuel cars and lorries

Stroud News and Journal: Neil Carmichael calls for innovation on how we fuel cars and lorries

6:41pm Tuesday 3rd July 2012

LAST week, I had the pleasure of visiting Olympic Cars in Dudbridge, Stroud - a distributor of Peugeot cars - and Downton, one of the UK's leading independent distribution specialists.

Stroud MP on promoting local issues

Stroud News and Journal: Stroud MP on promoting local issues

9:31am Monday 2nd July 2012

Promoting local issues. Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Olympic Cars in Dudbridge, Stroud - a distributor of Peugeot cars - and Downton, one of the UK’s leading independent distribution specialists.

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael discusses a busy week in Parliament

9:48am Monday 18th June 2012

Last week in Parliament was exceptionally busy. It started with the second reading of the Enterprise and Regulatory Bill.

Stroud MP gives his take on Diamond Jubilee celebrations

11:30am Monday 11th June 2012

The Central Weekend of the Diamond Jubilee was a great celebration not just of our Queen and her fantastic service to the nation but also our society with all its communities, facets, and, above all, individuals and families.

MP Neil Carmichael on providing energy - "Today, we face significant challenges in order to meet future demand."

10:20am Monday 28th May 2012

During the last decade or so, Britain has had a surprisingly liberalised and deregulated energy market.

Stroud MP - "In our society where communication is so essential to everyday life, we need to be more accommodating to people with hearing problems"

11:00am Monday 21st May 2012

I am completely deaf in my leaf ear. Before I go any further, I know the jokes about politicians having selective‚ hearing or just being unable to listen.

Stroud MP - "We are very fortunate to have such a wide range of local artists"

10:24am Monday 14th May 2012

This week I spent several hours in Stroud and the valleys enjoying the excellent, imaginative and inspiring art and crafts on display as part of the Site Festival 2012.

Stroud MP: "I am confident of our ability to play a major part in modern manufacturing and engineering"

9:57am Monday 23rd April 2012

This week I am focussing on the Festival of Manufacturing and Engineering. In fact so much so, that although Parliament is sitting, I will be in the constituency for most of the time.

Stroud MP: "We can be sure that many mothers will continue to use Stroud Maternity Hospital"

9:19am Monday 16th April 2012

This week I had the honour of starting the annual sponsored walk in Nailsworth for Cobalt - a medical charity providing cutting edge diagnostic imaging and supporting people with cancer and other life-limiting conditions.

More career opportunities in manufacturing and engineering are needed says Stroud MP

2:07pm Monday 9th April 2012

I HAVE just returned from a fascinating visit to Airbus in Filton, Bristol, where I saw the test bed for the new A350 landing gear and the manufacturing division of the wings for the A400M airlifter‚ aircraft.

Stroud MP on the budget - "Almost two million have been lifted from the need to pay council tax"

10:22am Monday 26th March 2012

NOT surprisingly, last week in Parliament was all about the budget - before, during and after.

Stroud MP on foreign policy - "Two of the reasons why I opposed the invasion of Iraq in 2003 are relevant now"

9:36am Monday 19th March 2012

MANY constituents are concerned about several foreign policy issues and, with so many conflicts or potential conflicts developing, this is neither surprising nor inappropriate.

"We need more housing but development plans must be justified," writes Stroud MP

9:27am Monday 27th February 2012

AS local communities, including Eastington and Cam, contemplate the current proposals for house building in Stroud district, I took an opportunity to highlight the impact on planning through the Localism Act and other related measures.

A new bridge, part improved canal and hospital is great news for our area, says MP

9:35am Monday 20th February 2012

THE Stroud Valleys and Vale were honoured by a special visit from the Princess Royal who came to formally commemorate and open Stroud Brewery Bridge, the newly refurbished canal lock nearby and the Vale Community Hospital located in Dursley.

Stroud MP: college merger 'opens up many more opportunities'

9:25am Monday 6th February 2012

LAST week, Stroud College formally merged with Filton College, creating the new entity of South Gloucestershire and Stroud College.

Neil Carmichael reflects on a week working alongside Stroud District Council

1:00pm Monday 23rd January 2012

THIS week I have spent a lot of time with my colleagues in the Conservative administration at Stroud District Council.

MP Carmichael: "One of my key priorities is to put the Stroud Valleys on the right track for economic growth"

9:43am Monday 16th January 2012

LAST week, the House of Commons passed the second reading of the Local Government Finance Bill.

MP Neil Carmichael's weekly column

9:30am Monday 9th January 2012

I HAVE campaigned for more investment for our railways and this work has delivered some much needed investment for the Stroud route.

MP Carmichael: "Without doubt, the state of the economy is on the minds of many."

11:00am Wednesday 28th December 2011

DURING the last few weeks, a number of recurring issues have been debated in the House of Commons and characterised my activities in the constituency.

Christmas message from Stroud MP Neil Carmichael

Stroud News and Journal: Christmas message from Stroud MP Neil Carmichael

12:00pm Monday 26th December 2011

AS 2011 draws to a close, we can reflect on momentous developments in the Middle East and North Africa, notably in Libya where, at last, there is a prospect for some form of democratic government.

MP Carmichael: "Enabling sensible lending to take place matters to employment"

6:30pm Wednesday 21st December 2011

SINCE becoming your Member of Parliament, I have visited many businesses of all types and sizes in this constituency and I have been contacted by many others.

Stroud MP Neil Carmichael's Column - Apprenticeships, good progress and more to come

9:34am Monday 19th December 2011

THIS WEEK I plan to speak on apprenticeships and skills during a debate in the House of Commons, providing, of course, I manage to conclude a pre-arranged meeting about protecting our national heritage early enough to be in the chamber to catch the speaker’s eye.

MP Carmichael - "The housing shortage is both a social and an economic problem."

9:47am Monday 12th December 2011

MY WEEKLY surgeries attract a wide range of people covering just about every conceivable issue but housing is one of the more regular reasons for making an appointment with me.

Reform of public sector pensions not just driven by 'urgent task' of reducing deficit, writes Stroud MP Carmichael

10:07am Monday 5th December 2011

NOTWITHSTANDING last week’s strike by public sector union members, the coalition government and relevant trade unions are continuing to negotiate the terms of the generous offer already on the table.

"Whenever I visit factories in the area, I am always impressed," writes MP Carmichael

9:25am Monday 28th November 2011

THE COALITION government has announced a plan - backed up by £1 billion - to create over 410,000 work placements for young people.

Stroud MP details government's quest to increase renewable energy

11:10am Monday 21st November 2011

THE COALITION Government is determined to develop more renewable energy.

"I am determined to pressure Paliament over fuel bills," says Stroud MP

1:45pm Monday 14th November 2011

THIS week the House of Commons debated a motion about the cost of fuel for transport.


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