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Stroud News and Journal:

4:08pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

ON Stroud District Council’s decision to approve an application for a supermarket on Dudbridge Industrial Estate in Stroud. Applications for an Asda at Daniels Industrial Estate in Bath Road and an unnamed store at Ryeford were rejected.

Thrupp based Liz Fraser's lovely duckling

Stroud News and Journal:

4:06pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

Ugly? More like lovely duckling

Stroud Tourist Information thanks visitors

Stroud News and Journal:

4:02pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

STROUD Tourism Day soared above our expectations, with excellent musicians, attractions and organisations all coming together to create a real buzz.

Gloucestershire roads provide a bumpy ride

Stroud News and Journal:

3:59pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

BLISSFUL driving in Devon and Cornwall.MY HUSBAND and I recently spent a relaxing few days exploring the highways and byways of Devon and Cornwall.

Evolution, QED

Stroud News and Journal:

3:54pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

BASIL Coates writes an entertaining letter (‘Fossils or just futuristic fakery?’ March 25) brimming with cartoon images of prelapsarian innocence.

Look up facts on famous fishapod

Stroud News and Journal:

3:49pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

I WONDERED if it was really worth replying to Basil Coates’ extraordinary letter in the SNJ, it is so utterly full of misconception and false statements.

Stroud's Steiner controversy

Stroud News and Journal:

3:39pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

REGARDING the letter from Richard House in the SNJ of March 25, 2015.

Stroud dog walker chased from woods by deer

Stroud News and Journal:

3:14pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

THE other morning while I was walking with my dog in the woods next to where I live, a muntjac deer sprang from nowhere and started to attack my dog.

Badgers and bovine TB.

Stroud News and Journal:

3:09pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

BADGERS and bovine TB. The science underlying this topic is highly complex.

Stroud's badger stance loses votes

Stroud News and Journal:

1:44pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

HAVING been on the old government Badger TB Consultative Panel and with 25 years’ involvement, I have come to the sad conclusion that the ‘great badgers and TB debate’ is 100 per cent about politics and pseudoscience.

Confusing Stroud with Adelaide?

Stroud News and Journal:

1:41pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

IT WOULD appear that it takes very little to get Councillor Simon Pickering excited if the R4C (integrated waste resource recovery, recycling and refining process) dream is anything to go by.

Stroud farmers’ market news with Gerb Gerbrands: The year’s first strawberries

Stroud News and Journal:

8:00pm Thursday 23rd April 2015

IT’S all change down the organic veg aisle this Saturday as Newark farm take a break for their ‘hungry gap’ (and intensive lambing!) and with beautiful synchronicity, Hotch Potch organics return with produce and vegetable plants.

Marathon runner Sam Beard needs your support

Stroud News and Journal:

1:59pm Wednesday 22nd April 2015

An 18-year-old from Tetbury has completed the second of his seven marathons this week.

Victorian theatre visits 19th century mansion

Stroud News and Journal:

4:35pm Tuesday 21st April 2015

VICTORIAN Gothic Woodchester Mansion promises to be an atmospheric venue for a one-man homage to the world’s greatest detective Sherlock Holmes.

Call for businesses to support their local Air Ambulance Charity

Stroud News and Journal:

1:53pm Tuesday 21st April 2015

THE Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (GWAAC) is appealing for local businesses within their region to donate unused projectors to help keep the life-saving charity in the air.

What you are saying on our website

Stroud News and Journal:

11:41am Monday 20th April 2015

ON the article about cyclist Alex Jamieson, who was thrown over the handlebars of her bike after hitting a giant pothole in Gunhouse Lane, Bowbridge.

Owl spotted in Cranham Woods makes swift escape

Stroud News and Journal:

11:40am Monday 20th April 2015

SNJ reader Simon Phillips from Stonehouse took this picture of an owl while cycling through Cranham Woods. Believing it was injured, Simon called an owl sanctuary but the bird eventually flew off into a tree

The Stroud News & Journal's tall story helps us see funny side of life in town

Stroud News and Journal:

11:37am Monday 20th April 2015

YOU must be congratulated on your timing in announcing one of this century’s best kept secrets regarding the future development of the old Tricorn house site.

Stroud candidate opposed planning decision

Stroud News and Journal:

11:34am Monday 20th April 2015

I WRITE to comment on the letter by K Roberts, published on March 19, 2015, who has assumed, incorrectly, that I did nothing to oppose the Mankley Field planning application.

Butterrow's monster potholes

Stroud News and Journal:

11:30am Monday 20th April 2015

JOHN Hall (Letters, March 18) mentions the horrendous road surfaces in Westward Road and Cashes Green in Stroud and along the A46.

Long live Stroud's individual shops

Stroud News and Journal:

11:27am Monday 20th April 2015

I HAVE to smile every time there is praise for film locations set in this area as it was nearly 25 years ago in the early nineties that Carolyn Dunn (first chairman of Stroud in Bloom) went with me to see Alan Caig, then director of leisure and tourism at SDC, to put forward our suggestion to promote this very idea in a consultation document on tourism.

Stroud Quakers find the gap between rich and poor offensive

Stroud News and Journal:

4:05pm Friday 17th April 2015

THE Quaker Meeting in Stroud is very concerned about rising levels of poverty and inequality in our country.

Stroud expert says badger TB vaccination is a waste of money

Stroud News and Journal:

3:59pm Friday 17th April 2015

FASCINATING new “light” emerged by serendipity in ministerial answers over the cattle TB crisis, both at last week’s NFU conference and the Badger Trust meeting on March 3, with Liz Truss.

Could the Exeter Marsh Barton incinerator be a guide for Javelin Park?

Stroud News and Journal:

3:55pm Friday 17th April 2015

HAS anyone enquired about the incinerator that has been built and running in Exeter Marsh Barton to find out about quality of the air and pollution?

Are Stroud's religious organisations any more deserving of public funds than its non-religious ones?

Stroud News and Journal:

3:48pm Friday 17th April 2015

IT IS often said that we are becoming an increasingly “secular” society.

Comment: New coffee shop to go down well in Stroud?

Stroud News and Journal:

6:00pm Saturday 18th April 2015

DOES Stroud really need another coffee shop?

Your property problems solved with Steven Sawyer MNAEA, MARLA, DipRLM, ACIB, Bsc Lettings Consultant

Stroud News and Journal:

4:00pm Saturday 18th April 2015

Q: I AM aware that all deposits now need to be registered, though I have been told by another landlord friend (A) of mine that I need to register the deposit again even when the tenancy goes ‘periodic,’ while another landlord friend (B) of mine has just told me that this is no longer the case. Please can you tell me what I should be doing as I am now very confused? Part 1 of 2. Mrs S Stanway A: This week’s question is rather meaty, so I have decided to break it up into two parts. This week dealing with landlord friend (A) and in two weeks' time dealing with landlord friend (B).

Property Market Comment: Debate to see how the election will impact the market

Stroud News and Journal:

10:00am Saturday 18th April 2015

WITH parliament dissolved, the starting whistle having been blown on campaigning proper, and our TV screens full of one Downing Street hopeful or other, election fever has started to mount, and the televised debate may have left you with many still unanswered questions.

Top 10 Lenders: Housebuilder welcomes ISA

Stroud News and Journal:

9:00am Saturday 18th April 2015

GLOUCESTER housebuilder welcomes government’s Help to Buy ISA

Stonehouse News with Lesley Williams

Stroud News and Journal:

4:00pm Sunday 19th April 2015

Contact Lesley with your community news on 01453 822684 or email

Family Life with Sandra: An ode to the beautiful canal, an enduring tribute to genius

Stroud News and Journal:

12:00pm Sunday 19th April 2015

Sandra Ashenford reflects on the ups and downs of her week

Karen Eberhardt-Shelton: Planet before economy

Stroud News and Journal:

2:00pm Sunday 19th April 2015

The SNJ columnist Karen Eberhardt-Shelton was born in California but grew up in England. She now lives in Stroud and is currently working on an education project called Learn, Think, Act and is hoping to develop an eco-community land trust. Her thought-provoking columns will focus on how we all have to take responsibility for our actions and for our planet.

Fitness Tip of the Week with Dave Marsh: CrossFit – the sport, science and state of mind – sometimes gets a bad press. But is this fair?

Stroud News and Journal:

10:00am Sunday 19th April 2015

What is CrossFit – the sport, science and state of mind?

Stroud farmers’ market news with Gerb Gerbrands: New stall set to hit the market

Stroud News and Journal:

3:10pm Friday 17th April 2015

QUITE an exciting week up ahead on the vegetable front market fans.

Flute and harp duo play anniversary concert in Painswick

Stroud News and Journal:

10:50am Friday 17th April 2015

PAINSWICK Music Society continues celebrating its 70th birthday season on Saturday, April 25 with a concert by the Antara flute and harp duo.

New film to star Frampton Mansell-based actress Daphne Neville

Stroud News and Journal:

8:48am Thursday 16th April 2015

A CROWD funding appeal has raised nearly £3,000 to pay for a short film starring Frampton Mansell-based actress Daphne Neville.

The Gloucester Ukrainian Club

Stroud News and Journal:

3:29pm Wednesday 15th April 2015

THIS Saturday, April 18 Club rubbish clearance "Detox", Nadia will lead the clubski de-junkifying process.

Emergency serivces called after three-way car crash in Painswick

Stroud News and Journal:

12:44pm Wednesday 15th April 2015

Emergency services have been called to a traffic collision in Painswick involving three cars.

Artist exhibits paintings of people, places and flowers

Stroud News and Journal:

12:04pm Wednesday 15th April 2015

A COLLECTION of portraits, landscapes and flower paintings by artist Stanley Kerr is currently showing in Stroud.

Band prickle with rhythm in Painswick

Stroud News and Journal:

12:00am Friday 17th April 2015

GORDON the Hedgehog will be prickling with rhythm at a barn dance this weekend.

Bowie and Blondie celebrated in Stroud

Stroud News and Journal:

11:34am Wednesday 15th April 2015

THE UK’s leading tribute bands to Blondie and David Bowie perform live in Stroud this week.

Stroud musicians play reggae hybrid

Stroud News and Journal:

11:26am Wednesday 15th April 2015

SUBDUCTION play a unique hybrid of Jamaican music at the Crown and Sceptre on Friday.

Artist discusses his time at deportation centre

Stroud News and Journal:

11:20am Wednesday 15th April 2015

SIMON Ryder will talk about his time as artist in residence at The Verne, which is the UK’s newest centre for the deportation of illegal immigrants.

From Russia with Love

Stroud News and Journal:

11:16am Wednesday 15th April 2015

BERLIN cabaret meets nuevo tango over a gypsy campfire in the darkly comic musical world of Moscow Drug Club.

Gloucestershire news: Police appeal for information on whereabouts of missing man William Brannigan

Stroud News and Journal:

8:19am Wednesday 15th April 2015

Gloucestershire police are appealing for information on the whereabouts of a missing man from Cheltenham.

Top soloists join Oriana Singers in baroque concert

11:08am Monday 13th April 2015

INTERANTIONALLY-acclaimed soprano, Julie Kench, and four other leading soloists, will be performing with the Oriana Singers at the choir's forthcoming concert, in St James’ Church, Dursley, on Saturday. The soloists and choir will be accompanied by the Severn Strings orchestra, with instrumentalists in all parts including  trumpets and drums.

50-year-old former Stroud resident Rich Mason celebrates half century with charity cycle

Stroud News and Journal:

2:38pm Thursday 9th April 2015

A FORMER Stroud resident who is 50 this year will be cycling an incredible 1,000 miles throughout the year to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

Easter fun at pub with new tenants

Stroud News and Journal:

2:32pm Thursday 9th April 2015

NEW landlords have taken over the Prince of Wales pub in ashes Green and are determined to bring it back to life.

Estate agents cycle 144 miles for kids’ hospice

Stroud News and Journal:

2:23pm Thursday 9th April 2015

STAFF at an estate agents in Stroud raised more thanjust over £1,500 during a sponsored cyclebike ride for a children’s charity.

Wild Garlic Hunt is a hit

Stroud News and Journal:

2:21pm Thursday 9th April 2015

FAMILIES were out in force last Saturday, March 28 to take part in Nailsworth’s first Wild Garlic Hunt.


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