New 20mph limits in Stroud featured on this morning's Today programme

Stroud News and Journal:

9:40am Friday 30th January 2015

THE introduction of 20mph zones in Stroud featured on the Today programme on Radio Four this morning.

What you are saying on our website

Stroud News and Journal:

4:55pm Thursday 29th January 2015

ON the revelation that Eric Pickles delegated the decision on the Javelin Park incinerator to a junior minister.

Thanks for 2014 donations

Stroud News and Journal:

4:50pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM – Volunteers at Kids’ Stuff would like to thank all who donated second hand or new children’s items, or money during 2014.

‘The future is green’

Stroud News and Journal:

4:48pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - Mr Pickles, as a Member of Parliament you can create a legacy of greatness by turning this decision round.

Crazy decision over incinerator

Stroud News and Journal:

4:40pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - Despite the unanimous rejection of the mass burn incinerator by Gloucestershire County Council’s planning committee following a very impressive body of evidence from those opposing the scheme, Eric Pickles has upheld the appeal by Urbaser Balfour Beatty (UBB) to build the thing.

There is no bias against statue

Stroud News and Journal:

4:39pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - I do not usually write letters to the press, I rely on the press to report on my duties throughout the district on the input I contribute to my ward, the town and the community as a whole.

Hearing aids are not lifestyle choice

Stroud News and Journal:

4:36pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - I have a hearing problem and wear hearing aids in both ears.

Unconcerned over public’s safety

Stroud News and Journal:

4:34pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - Roshi Saul (letters SNJ December 31, 2014) asks “What are Ukip in favour of?” and further asks Caroline Stephens, Ukip’s Stroud PPC, to defend Ukip’s signing up to be allied with a right wing Polish party who have spoken positively about Hitler’s tax policies.

Increasing distrust of all politicians

Stroud News and Journal:

4:30pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - After they have been entrenched almost 30 years in Stroud Town Council and Ebley Mill, it is breathtakingly naive for John Marjoram and the Greens (SNJ letters, December 31) to imagine that Ukip loathes them any less than it does the other established political parties.

Christian comment that puzzles me

Stroud News and Journal:

4:29pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - Even as a non-believer I still read Christian comment with interest.

I’m predicting no change at election

Stroud News and Journal:

4:26pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - 2015 has arrived and it is only weeks to the general election.

Would you fight for this nonsense?

Stroud News and Journal:

4:18pm Thursday 29th January 2015

MADAM - Your correspondent Roshi Saul (SNJ letters, December 31, 2014) in common with many of the liberal elite believe the EU is the God given gift that we should all be proud to be part of even if it means giving up the freedoms that he naively believed we fought two world wars to endure.

Stroud farmers’ market news with Gerb Gerbrands: ‘Extra’ fruity jams go on sale

Stroud News and Journal:

8:00pm Thursday 29th January 2015

THOSE earning their crust in the jams and preserves making sector claim that it is not worth them returning to market until the last Saturday of January.

Howling wolf appears in the clouds above Horsley

Stroud News and Journal:

11:31am Thursday 29th January 2015

IT WAS not a case of crying wolf when photographer Jo Lawson spotted an astonishing sight in the skies above Horsley.

Be Clear on Cancer campaign in Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire to raise awareness that ongoing heartburn can be a sign of cancer

Stroud News and Journal:

11:15am Thursday 29th January 2015

Latest data reveals around 530 people in Avon, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire are diagnosed with oesophago-gastric cancers each year.

Send no one back to North Korea

Stroud News and Journal:

4:48pm Tuesday 27th January 2015

REFUGEES from North Korea who are forcibly repatriated by the Chinese government are being imprisoned or executed on their return.

Loved ones pay tribute to machete attack victim Zac Evans - described as a 'truly wonderful son, grandson, boyfriend and friend'

Stroud News and Journal:

4:08pm Sunday 25th January 2015

THE family of Zacary Evans - the 19-year-old killed in a machete attack in Tuffley in the early hours of Saturday - have issued a statement describing him as 'a truly wonderful son, grandson, boyfriend and friend'.

Man, 19, murdered in machete attacked outside pub in Tuffley

Stroud News and Journal:

12:53pm Saturday 24th January 2015

POLICE are appealing for witnesses following an attack on two men outside a pub in Gloucester.

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (January 25 - 31, 2015): ‘Busting the Myths’ on cervical screening

Stroud News and Journal:

11:03am Friday 23rd January 2015

You may have seen and heard quite a bit in the media over the years about cervical cancer.

Healthcare business achieves Investors in People recognition for tenth year

Stroud News and Journal:

10:51am Friday 23rd January 2015

A service provided by Gloucestershire County Council which helps people to live independently in their community has been awarded the Investors in People Standard for a tenth year.

Gloucestershire marks Holocaust Memorial Day

Stroud News and Journal:

7:00pm Saturday 24th January 2015

Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue Service will be hosting an event at SkillZONE to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Householders in Gloucestershire warned about garden makeover scam

Stroud News and Journal:

10:30am Friday 23rd January 2015

Gloucestershire Police are advising the public to be vigilant if approached at home by unknown workmen saying they can carry out garden landscaping improvements to their property.

Your property problems solved with Clive Brown MNAEA MARLA, Property Consultant

Stroud News and Journal:

6:00pm Saturday 24th January 2015

Q. I HAVE always been advised to go and see my tenants out of my rental property when they leave, but I am never really sure what I should be doing, can you give me a guideline? Mrs T, Thrupp

Property Market Comment: Positive effect of new stamp duty tax clearly explained

Stroud News and Journal:

10:00am Saturday 24th January 2015

AFTER the surprise announcement that Stamp Duty on home buying had been altered, we at Besley Hill Town & Country Homes decided to publish online within our marketing statements for each property the actual amount of tax that would be saved by the buying public assuming that the asking price was paid in each case.

Rise in number of new buyers

Stroud News and Journal:

9:00am Saturday 24th January 2015

HOUSE prices and the number of potential new buyers rose in the South West last month, bucking the national trend according to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) UK residential market survey.

New site is set to drive up garage's profits

Stroud News and Journal:

4:45pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

A GARAGE is cranking up business by expanding.

Share Offer event helps repay loans

Stroud News and Journal:

4:41pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

STROUD low-carbon energy firm Ecodynamic has launched its second £150,000 Community Share Offer at an event at Stroud Brewery’s premises in Thrupp.

Coffee lover’s cafe is off to a buzzing start

Stroud News and Journal:

4:36pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

AFTER travelling abroad and experiencing the joys of coffee in South America, Kelly Pitt has launched her own watering hole.

Pudding hunt champs collect their winnings

Stroud News and Journal:

4:33pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

THERE were two happy prize winners of the Nailsworth Christmas Pudding hunt on Christmas Eve.

Comment: Dump the project and let’s move on

Stroud News and Journal:

8:00pm Saturday 24th January 2015

THERE is never any point in taunting ourselves with ‘could have’, or ‘would have’ or ‘should have.’ The contract between Gloucestershire County Council and Balfour Beatty should NEVER have been signed, we know that, we have said it time and time again and we still haven’t changed our minds.

What you are saying on our website

Stroud News and Journal:

4:27pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

ON the decision by Eric Pickles to approve plans for the Javelin Park incinerator.

The bedroom tax is an attack on the poorest in our society

Stroud News and Journal:

4:25pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM - It’s easy to be lulled into a false sense of security that it’s only a very small number of council tenants who are affected by the bedroom tax.

Waste contract does not add up

Stroud News and Journal:

4:22pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – The fact that the incinerator has been given planning permission from ‘on high’ does not in itself mean that it is either the best solution or the best value for money for Gloucestershire taxpayers – I would argue that it is neither.

Does anyone remember hostel?

Stroud News and Journal:

4:19pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – Via this newspaper, please can anyone help me with stories, details, photographs etc of the hostel that was in Crescent Road, Bridgend, Stonehouse during the 1940s and 1950s. Built originally in 1942 for workers who were working for the war effort at Hoffman’s & Sperry Gyroscope.

Pilot badger culls were successes

Stroud News and Journal:

4:08pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – The long running badgers and TB debate has rather expectedly reached new heights of Alice In Wonderland folly at the end of 2014.

Concept of race will disappear

Stroud News and Journal:

4:06pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – Helen Saunders (December 18, letters) lashed out at Bernard Jarman with the usual ‘racial’ accusations about Rudolf Steiner.

Ukip members would not return

Stroud News and Journal:

4:04pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – I was amazed in the article about the Conservatives hoping to pick up Ukip votes in May to see that they want people like me back.

Bovine TB must be dealt with

Stroud News and Journal: Bovine TB must be dealt with

3:58pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – No doubt we will soon be seeing signs of the general election leaflets etc.

Electricity and lots of heat to be made

Stroud News and Journal:

3:54pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

MADAM – Common sense has at last prevailed and after an age of senseless bickering, expense and obstruction the government has given the green light for the construction of the Javelin waste incinerator.

Pool at Stratford Park Leisure Centre to remain closed until next Saturday while ceiling is fixed

Stroud News and Journal: Stratford Park Leisure Centre has been awarded bronze at this year's Health Club Awards. (1675796)

3:35pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

THE swimming pool at Stratford Park Leisure Centre will remain closed until next Saturday (January 31) after part of the ceiling collapsed.

Stonehouse News with Lesley Williams

Stroud News and Journal:

4:00pm Sunday 25th January 2015

Contact Lesley with your community news on 01453 822684 or email

Sandra’s Bucket List: Memories of the inspirational days that stay with me in life

Stroud News and Journal:

12:00pm Sunday 25th January 2015

BEFORE hitting 50 next year, former SNJ news editor Sandra Ashenford has compiled a bucket list of 50 goals to achieve before her birthday. The aim is to do one every week.

Neil Carmichael, Stroud MP: Engineers are future of local economy

Stroud News and Journal:

12:00pm Saturday 24th January 2015

This week MP Neil Carmichael discusses engineering

Geoff Wheeler’s weekly diary: Getting fit, the local plan and the budget

Stroud News and Journal:

2:00pm Saturday 24th January 2015

STROUD District Council leader Geoff Wheeler keeps you up to date with what is happening at the council

Hotel Indigo joins forces with Jimmy Doherty to launch a nationwide search for Britain’s favourite local food artisan

Stroud News and Journal:

2:40pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

Hotel Indigo has launched the “Flavours of the Neighbourhood” search to find Britain’s local food heroes.

Burglar jailed for raid on Noah's Ark

Stroud News and Journal:

3:00pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

A MAN has been jailed for his part in a raid at Noah’s Ark bike shop in Brimscombe.

Stroud farmers’ market news with Gerb Gerbrands: Market a cheese lovers haven

Stroud News and Journal:

8:00pm Thursday 22nd January 2015

LET’S talk about cheese for a change shall we?

Fitness Tip of the Week with Dave Marsh: Instead of staying ‘dry’ this January, there are plenty of alternatives that will do much more for your health

Stroud News and Journal:

10:00am Sunday 25th January 2015

FOUR healthy alternatives to “dry January”

Karen Eberhardt-Shelton: Physical re-education

Stroud News and Journal:

2:00pm Sunday 25th January 2015

Karen Eberhardt-Shelton: It’s not easy but we must speak up for a change The SNJ’s new columnist Karen Eberhardt-Shelton was born in California but grew up in England. She now lives in Stroud and is currently working on an education project called Learn, Think, Act and is hoping to develop an eco-community land trust. Her thought-provoking columns will focus on how we all have to take responsibility for our actions and for our planet.

Paloma Faith announces Forest Live tour

Stroud News and Journal:

11:07am Thursday 22nd January 2015

Paloma Faith has announced a welcome return to seven spectacular woodland locations this summer as part of Forest Live, the Forestry Commission’s outdoor concert series, having performed to sell-out crowds in 2013.


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