Hobbies impress new boss

Stroud News and Journal: Hobbies impress new boss

9:33am Wednesday 16th December 2009

Hirescores.com, a recruitment agency review site, conducted research and found out that 76 per cent of British workers had taken part in extracurricular activities to make their job prospects greater.

New year, new career?

2:51pm Monday 14th December 2009

ACIPD poll of more than 3,000 employees found that more than a third of those questioned would consider changing jobs in the next year.

Pound the pavement while others are out partying

11:31am Wednesday 9th December 2009

For the 2.46 million workers unemployed, this Christmas presents the perfect reason to loosen the tie and hang up the interview suit for a few weeks fuelled by the false belief that ‘no one hires during December’, particularly when half of British companies will be nursing their heads after Christmas parties.

Christmas party woes

10:29am Tuesday 8th December 2009

Fighting and threatening behaviour top the list of reasons for discipline or dismissal following staff Christmas party, says the CIPD.

Would you lie for a job?

9:47am Wednesday 2nd December 2009

Hirescores.com, the UK’s leading recruitment agency review site, has anonymously asked people currently in employment if they lied during the recruitment process with their current and previous jobs and found that 69 per cent had.

Note the three minute rule

10:03am Monday 30th November 2009

Nervous jobseekers need to prepare for two hidden interview hurdles – the first and last three minutes.

Older workers plan to work past retirement age

9:59am Monday 30th November 2009

The proportion of older workers planning to work beyond the state pension age has increased dramatically in the last two years, suggesting that the recession has shrunk pension pots, savings, investments and house values.

Good jobs linked to success

7:50am Saturday 21st November 2009

Employers are committed to improving the quality of jobs in the UK but lack guidance about how to achieve it, according to a new report by The Work Foundation.

Young people are motivated

10:59am Wednesday 18th November 2009

A report examining the impact of the recession on young people in the UK, has found that the majority of 18-24 year olds in Wales are highly motivated with a strong work ethic.

How to give great answers

1:52pm Monday 16th November 2009

Interviews are designed to do just one thing: identify the best possible candidate for the advertised job.

TV Dragon backs youth scheme

1:43pm Monday 16th November 2009

Duncan Bannatyne has given his backing to a national children's charity project to raise the aspirations of vulnerable young people to help them get jobs at a time when youth unemployment is at an all time high.

Road to recovery

1:40pm Monday 16th November 2009

Firms are starting to hire staff at an accelerating rate, suggesting that the jobs market is on the road to recovery and unemployment will not reach three million, according to new research.

Union steps up bid to raise the minimum wage

9:19am Wednesday 4th November 2009

Union leaders have stepped up their campaign for the minimum wage to increase to £6 an hour, arguing the rise would be ‘sensible and affordable’.

Minding the pay gap

10:09am Monday 2nd November 2009

Most people believed firms should have to check their wage rates under moves to close the gender pay gap, according to a new report.

Tips to lift the boredom

Stroud News and Journal: Tips to lift the boredom

10:30am Wednesday 28th October 2009

Most office workers have to attend regular meetings but many believe they are a waste of time and devise ways of relieving the boredom, new research has revealed.

Bad habits annoy colleagues

1:05pm Monday 26th October 2009

Two out of five office workers sit next to someone who ‘gets on their wick’, often asking to move desks to get away from an annoying colleague, new research revealed.

Dads working too much

10:01am Wednesday 21st October 2009

Almost half of men are failing to take up their right to two weeks paternity leave after the birth of their children, mainly because they cannot afford to, new research has revealed.

Are you in your dream job?

1:50pm Wednesday 14th October 2009

Are you lucky enough to be working in your dream job? Or are you facing the reality that living the dream is harder than expected.

Pros and cons of job-hopping

8:30am Saturday 10th October 2009

Fans of football will have heard of Nicolas Anelka. Currently at Chelsea, Anelka made his English debut when he joined Arsenal in 1997 for a fee of £500,000.

Recruitment rises in ‘fragile’ recovery

Stroud News and Journal: Recruitment rises in ‘fragile’ recovery

9:29am Thursday 8th October 2009

Permanent and temporary jobs have increased for the second month in a row, although the labour market is still ‘very fragile’, recruitment firms have reported.

More lying in jobs search

9:26am Monday 5th October 2009

Pressure to find a job in the recession is leading almost a fifth of young people to lie on application forms, a survey has found.

Involving staff is the future

1:22pm Wednesday 30th September 2009

Involving employees fully in the future of the firms they work for will be a key step if businesses are to innovate and take advantage of new opportunities, an independent review has announced.

Charter raises the bar

9:36am Monday 28th September 2009

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has launched the Internship Charter – a voluntary code of practice aimed at improving the quality of schemes – to support jobseekers, particularly graduates, and employers during these difficult economic times.

Top tips to help you cope with redundancy and get back to work

10:12am Wednesday 23rd September 2009

Being made redundant can come as a harsh blow may be a huge dent to self-esteem.

Dr Redundancy here to help

7:00am Saturday 19th September 2009

The Chartered Management Institute has launched Dr Redundancy – an expert support and advisory service for anyone facing job loss, or having to deal with redundancy.

From salesman to advisor

9:18am Wednesday 16th September 2009

After 10 years of working as a car salesman, father of four, John Edwards was made redundant and had to rely on benefits to support his family.

Tips to help land that job

8:30am Saturday 12th September 2009

With the UK job market more competitive than ever, you need to give employers a reason why you are the obvious candidate for the advertised position.

Stand out from the crowd

Stroud News and Journal: Stand out from the crowd

9:12am Wednesday 9th September 2009

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development has unearthed the key marketable skills for job seekers, by conducting an online poll of more than 100 HR professionals as well as drawing from the results of the quarterly Employee Outlook survey of more than 3,000 employees.

Don’t let talent pool dry up

7:40am Saturday 5th September 2009

Astudy of almost 3,500 HR professionals across Europe has found that employers are failing to consider the long-term state of their workforce, when making redundancies during the recession.

TUC in call for better treatment of agency workers

2:44pm Wednesday 2nd September 2009

Agency and temporary workers are suffering abuse and bad treatment and urgently need new employment rights, according to a new report.

Where did you go on holiday?

7:30am Saturday 29th August 2009

Nearly one in five workers in Wales do not expect to take all their allotted leave this year.

How to give great answers

1:28pm Thursday 27th August 2009

Interviews are designed to do just one thing: identify the best possible candidate for the advertised job.

Half feel stressed after holidays

7:50am Saturday 22nd August 2009

Despite around 45 million of us taking summer holidays each year, half of UK workers feel stressed again almost as soon as they return to work, research has revealed.

Swine flu used as an excuse

10:28am Wednesday 19th August 2009

Millions of workers are using swine flu as an excuse to get time off work, according to a new study.

No two days the same

Stroud News and Journal: Mark Rees

9:51am Wednesday 12th August 2009

No two days are the same for Revive! technician Mark Rees.

Workers getting balance wrong

Stroud News and Journal: Workers getting balance wrong

4:45pm Monday 10th August 2009

Work is taking over people’s lives, with an increasing number of employees getting the balance between their jobs and home lives ‘all wrong’, according to a new report.

Stand out from the crowd

4:42pm Monday 10th August 2009

As Carole Bohanan beat more than 300 rival applicants with her broomstick to land the much-publicised Witch of Wookey Hole job, the story highlighted the challenges which job seekers are faced with when looking for a new job.

Over 50s face more barriers

7:50am Saturday 1st August 2009

People over 50 are facing increased barriers to work, including age discrimination, as more older workers were losing their jobs because of the recession, according to ‘shocking’ new research.

Most would not take credit for their colleagues’ work

12:51pm Thursday 30th July 2009

Arecent poll by Monster has shown that 90 per cent of UK workers surveyed would not take credit for their colleagues’ work, with 75 per cent stating they like to succeed based on their own merit.

People staying in wrong jobs

4:52pm Friday 24th July 2009

Most workers are staying in their job because of the recession, even though many wanted to switch to a different career, new research has revealed.

Recession leads to skills gap

9:23am Wednesday 22nd July 2009

The latest Vodafone Working Nation report, launched today, identifies details of the skills gap in UK companies brought on by headcount losses and shrinking training budgets.

Remember all qualifications

9:44am Monday 20th July 2009

New research highlights the importance businesses are placing on vocational qualifications to lead them out of the current climate New research from the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health reveals that three out of four employers (71 per cent) see staff with vocational skills as essential in improving the longterm competitiveness of their business.

Skills benefits revealed

9:29am Wednesday 15th July 2009

Firms which allow staff to work beyond the normal retirement age benefit from ‘real advantages’ such as keeping valuable skills, according to a newstudy.

Workers of all ages have something to offer

8:20am Saturday 11th July 2009

New research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development explores many of the ‘in vogue’ generational differences employers address when recruiting and retaining good people to sustain businesses performance.

CBI plans alternative to redunancy scheme

2:26pm Wednesday 8th July 2009

Employers could avoid losing skilled workers through layoffs if the government backs an alternative to redundancy scheme proposed by the CBI.

Workers too busy to exercise

Stroud News and Journal: Workers too busy to exercise

7:40am Saturday 4th July 2009

Two out of three adults could be threatening their health through a lack of exercise, with many people claiming to be too busy at work to stay fit, according to a new report.

Stressed Welsh staff work a six day week to keep their jobs

9:10am Wednesday 1st July 2009

Stressed staff in Wales are often working the equivalent of a sixday-week as the recession takes its toll, according to new research from BT Business.

Are you a peacock or a magpie when it comes to work clothes?

9:14am Wednesday 1st July 2009

Workers can be likened to sparrows, magpies or even peacocksdepending on the clothes they wear to the office, according to a new report.

Changes to jobs landscape

11:31am Wednesday 24th June 2009

The recession has dramatically altered the UK workplace landscape, as employers and staff work together to protect businesses and jobs by increasing flexible working and freezing pay and recruitment, new research has revealed.

Training is the answer

4:30pm Friday 19th June 2009

While job seekers continue to face a tough time in the labour market, there are real opportunities for those already in work to secure development and promotion opportunities, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

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