Stroud High School GCSE results in full

Stroud High School GCSE results in full

Stroud High School GCSE results in full

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STROUD High School GCSE results in full.

Stroud High School Year 11 GCSE & BTEC Subjects and Codes used

A - Art and Design

B - Biology Bs - Business Studies

C - Chemistry

E - English Language

El - English Literature

Df -Food Science/Tech

F - French

G - Geography

Gm -German

Gr -Graphic Design

H - History

It -Information Technology

I - Italian

L - Latin

M - Mathematics

Mu - Music Studies

Pa - Performing Arts

Ph - Photography

P - Physics

Pd -Product Design

Rs - Religious Studies

Sp - Spanish

Pe - Sports Studies

Dx - Textiles Technology


The * indicates an A* grade


Holly Abbott, E,El*,Gm,H,It,M,Pd,Rs;

Molly Adams, Bs,E*,El,F,G,It,M*,Ph;

Eleanor Aris, B*,C*,E*,El*,G*,Gm,It,M*,Mu*,P*;

Megan Aurelius, B*,C,E,El*,It,M,Ph,P,Rs*,Sp;

Molly Banyard, B*,C*,E,El*,Df,G*,Gm,It,M*,P*;

Lydia Barber, B*,C*,E*,El*,F,H*,It,M*,Pa,P*;

Harriet Benneyworth, B,C,E,El,M,P*;

Olivia Bloodworth, A*,B*,C*,E*,El*,G*,It,M*,P*,Sp*;

Alice Bloomer, F;

Ruth Boyd, A,E,El,It,M,Rs,Sp,Dx;

Sadie Boyd, A*,E,El,M,Pa,Rs*,Dx;

Jessica Bragg, A,E,El*,G,It,M,Mu,Dx;

Emma Broadbent, A*,E*,El*,F,H*,It,M,Rs*;

Jessica Broderick, B*,C*,E*,El*,G,Gm,H*,It,M*,P*;

Lucy Brown, A*,E,El,G,M,Sp,Pe;

Miranda Bursey, B*,C,E,El*,F*,H,M*,P*,Dx;

Jean Butcher, I*;

Natasha Butt, B*,C*,E*,El*,G*,Gm*,It,M*,Mu,P*,Pd*;

Georgia Campbell, B*,C*,E,El*,Gm,It,M,Ph,P,Rs;

Ellyse Carden, C;

Alicia Carmichael, A,E,El,F,G,It,M,Sp;

Rebecca Carmichael, E,El,F,H,It,M*,Pd,Sp*;

Holly Carter, E,El,G,It,M,Ph,Pd,Sp;

Hester Chapman, B*,C*,E*,El*,F*,H,It,M*,P*,Sp*;

Daniela Christie, B,Bs,C,E,El*,G,It,M*,P,Sp*;

Holly Clarke, E*,El*,Df,G,Gm,It,M*,Mu*;

Roseanna Collins, B*,C*,E*,El*,H*,It,M,P*,Pd*,Sp*;

Hannah Cook, A*,E,El,Gr*,H,It,M,Sp;

Charlotte Corderoy, E*,El*,F*,H*,It,M*,Mu*,Pa*;

Sophie Crane, B*,C*,E*,El*,F*,H*,It,M*,P*,Sp*;

Neve Cunliffe, B,C,E,El,G,It,M,Pa,P;

Alice Davies, A,E,El,H,It,M,Pa,Sp;

Angharad Davies, E,El,F,It,M,Ph*,Pe;

Mia Davis, A,B,Bs,C*,E,El,Gm,It,M*,P*;

Harriet Davison, B*,C,E,El*,G,Gm,It,M*,Pa,P*;

Olivia Dean, A,E,El*,G,It,M,Mu,Sp;

Harriette Dixon, B*,C*,E*,El*,G*,It,M*,Mu*,P*,Sp*;

Angharad Duberley, B,C,E,El,F,M,P,Rs,Sp;

Courtney Dunlop, B,C,E,El,F,It,M,Pa,P,Pe;

Harriet Errington, B*,C*,E*,El*,F,G,It,M*,P*,Pe*;

Alison Evans, I*;

Amelia Evans,, E,El*,F,H,It,M,Mu,Rs;

Rachel Evill, Bs,E,El,G,Gm,It,M,Pe;

Larissa Fair, E*,El*,F,G,It,M,Ph,Pe;

Holly Farrington, A,E,El,G,It,M,Mu*,Sp;

Ruby Farthing, A,E,El,Pa;

Jane Foreman, I*;

Francesca Gale, B,C,E,El,Df,G,It,M,P,Sp;

Cordelia Gleed, A*,E,El,G,It,M,Mu,Sp;

Edith-clare Hall, B*,C*,E*,El*,F*,Gm*,H*,It,M*,P*;

Sophie Hampton, E,El*,H*,It,M,Rs,Sp,Pe;

Isobel Harper, A,E,El,G,M,Rs,Dx;

Misha Harris, B,C,E,El,G,It,M,P,Sp,Pe;

Erin Henwood, E,El*,G,Gm,It,M,Ph,Pd;

Helen Hewkin, I*;

Bethany Homer, B,C,E,El*,G,It,M,P,Rs,Sp;

Jemima Hooke, A*,B*,C*,E*,El*,F*,H*,It,M*,P*,Sp*;

Caitlin Houlbrook, B,C,E,El*,G,Gm,It,M*,P*,Pd*;

Martha Hudson, A,E,El,G,H,M,Sp;

Harriet Hunt, A,E,El,M,Pa;

Olive Jackson, B*,C*,E*,El*,F,H*,It,M*,Pa,P*;

Kathleen Jones, I*;

Kitty Juggins, B,C,E,El*,Gm,H*,It,M,Ph,P;

Jodie King, E,El*,It,M,Rs,Pe*,Dx;

Jessica Lander, Bs,E*,El*,Gm,It,M,Mu,Pd*;

Sarah Lefley, Bs,E,El,G,It,M*,Pa,Sp;

Sian Light, Bs,E,El,Df,It,M,Mu,Sp;

Katherine Lloyd, B,C,E,El*,Gm,H,It,M,P*,Pd;

Philippa Lloyd, B*,C*,E,El*,F,H*,It,M,P,Pd;

Viola Lloyd, E,El,Df,G,M,Pa,Sp;

Sarah Locke, E*,El*,Df,G,It,M,Pa,Pe;

Anna Lockett, A,E,El,G,M,Dx;

Georgina Lorenzen, B,C,E,El*,G,H,It,M,P,Sp*;

Alice Madeley, B,C,E,El,F,G,It,M,P,Pd;

Molly Maguire, B,C,E,El*,M,P,Rs*,Sp;

Holly Manley, B*,C,E,El,F,G,Gr,It,M,P;

Katie Marshall, E,El,G,H,It,M,Ph,Dx;

Eleanor Martin, E,El,F,G,H,It,M,Pd;

Erin Mason, B,C,E,El,G,M,Mu,P,Sp;

Freya May, B,C,E,El,G,It,M,P,Rs,Sp;

Zoe Mcconkey, C*;

Katherine Mcellin, A*,B*,C*,E*,El*,Gm*,H*,It,M*,P*;

Kathryn Mcgrotty, B*,C*,E*,El*,F,H,It,M,Pa,P;

Chloe Melvin, E*,El*,H,It,M*,Pa,Sp,Pe;

Emily Moss, A*,B*,C*,E*,El*,G*,It,M*,P*,Sp*;

Megan Neale, E,El*,Df*,G,Gm,M,Pa;

Esme O'Brien, E,El*,F,G*,It,M*,Mu,Sp*;

Eleanor Page, B,C,E*,El*,G,H*,M,P*,Sp*;

Meera Parmar, E*,El*,G,It,M,Mu,Rs,Sp*;

Ruby Parnham-Cope, B,C,E,El*,G,It,M,P,Rs,Sp;

Eleanor Parry, B*,C,E*,El*,Df,M,P,Rs*,Pe;

Bethany Partridge, B*,C,E*,El*,G,Gm,It,M*,P*,Pd;

Martha Paton, B*,C*,E*,El*,G*,Gm*,It,M*,P*,Pe*;

Esme Peirce, A*,E*,El*,G*,It,M,Rs,Sp;

Holly Perris, Bs,E,El,G,It,M,Mu,Sp;

Holly Phimister, Bs,E,El*,Gm,H*,It,M,Dx;

Kirsten Pobjoy, A,Bs,E*,El,It,M,Sp,Dx;

Heather Pontac, B,C,E,El,Df,H,M,P,Sp;

Eleanor Porter, A,E,El*,F,G*,It,M*,Mu;

Jessica Porter, E,El,G,It,M,Ph*,Pd,Sp;

Madeleine Potts, B,C,E,El,Df,M,Pa,P,Pe;

Poppy Powell,B*,C*,E*,El*,Df,It,M*,P*,Rs*,Sp*;

Chloe Powis, B,C,E,El*,G,Gm,It,M,Mu,P;

Georgina Prosser, E,El,G,M;

Elizabeth Rawlings, B*,C*,E*,El*,G,It,M*,P*,Rs*;

Zoe Rogers, E,El,G,Gm,It,M,Mu,Dx;

Lucy Ruddleston, A,E,El,F,H,It,M,Mu;

Amber Ruther, B,C,E,El,Gm,It,M,Pa,Ph,P;

Eleanor Ryder-Cook, E,El,H,M,Mu,Pa,Sp;

Molly Salter, B*,C*,E*,El*,F,H,It,M,Pa,P*;

Melissa Sapsed, B,C,E,El,G,It,M,Mu,P,Sp;

Charlotte Saunders, B,C,E*,El*,F,G,M,Ph,P;

Philippa Seddo,, B*,C*,E*,El*,It,M*,Ph,P*,Sp*;

Gabriella Sharroc,, E,El,F,H,It,M,Pa,Ph*;

Florence Smit,, B*,C,E,El*,G,It,M,Mu*,P,Sp;

Tabitha Smit,, Bs,E*,El*,Df,G*,Gm,It,M;

Rachel Souter,L;

Lucy Spiteri-Beale, B,C,E,El*,F,H,M*,P,Dx;

Harriet Thomas, B*,C*,E*,El*,Gm,H*,M*,Pa*,P*;

Phoebe Todd, A*,E*,El*,F,It,M,Pa*,Dx*;

Ella Turney, E*,El*,F,G*,H,It,M,Pa;

Nancy Walsh, B*,C*,E*,El*,F,G*,It,M*,Pa*,P*;

Emily Webber, E,El*,G,It,M,Ph,Rs*,Sp*;

Rebecca Whitwam, B*,C*,E*,El*,Df,F,H*,It,M*,P*;

Lily Williams, A*,B*,C*,E*,El*,M*,P*,Sp*,Dx*;

Francesca Wormald, A,B,C,E,El*,H,It,M,Mu,P,Sp;


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