WOODCHESTER Park will play host to three days of performance, talks, walks, bands, bonfires, banquets and ball games when the Up To Nature festival gets under way.

From Friday June 29 to Sunday July 1, this pan-European festival – taking place simultaneously in Woodchester, Vienna, Oslo and Kuopio – invites people to leave the city and enter the forest.

The guiding principle is that unique, evocative and challenging theatre can happen anywhere, and the UK leg of the Festival will include premieres and new commissions.

The Woodchester weekend will include: three interactive experiences, giving participants the chance to climb into the tree canopy, dig into the soil or carve into the bark of a tree; the unveiling of the wild being, with performance artist Nic Green and guerilla gardener Beth Hamer creating a moon-shaped dwelling; and a ‘hopeful mission’ into nature, in which a tree will be felled and cut up, then reassembled and resurrected.

Tickets for the Festival cost £34, including camping at Thistledown, and there are limited Saturday-only tickets.

For further information visit: http://inbetweentime.co.uk/up-to-nature/about-utn All tickets can be purchased from Arnolfini Box Office. Buy by Phone: 0117 917 2300