POLLING stations are now open across the county as Gloucestershire's residents vote to elect their first Police and Crime Commisioner.

Below, the four candidates vying for the role explain in 100 words why they think they deserve your vote.


Victoria Atkins - Conservative Party candidate 

AS a leading criminal prosecutor, I understand law and order issues, I lead teams of police officers in fighting crime and I speak up for the decent, law-abiding majority.
My priorities for our county are:
1. To make Gloucestershire safer;
2. To speak up for Gloucestershire people;
3. To secure value for taxpayers' money.
I want Gloucestershire to lead theÊway in fighting crime.
Our police force has done some good work in tackling serious, organised crime;

Rupi Dhanda - Labour Party candidate

WHILE we may not agree with the need for PCCs, on November 15 elections for the role will take place regardless.
1. I believe I am the best candidate, because I am the only one who will challenge the Government for a better deal for Gloucestershire.
2. I will be a champion for restorative justice - putting victims at the heart of matters - you break it you fix it.
3. I will oppose the cuts to 125 police officers and 250 support staff.
4. Keep policing for the public and not for private profit.
5. Support and encourage recruitment of more Special Constables.

Alistair Cameron  - Lib Dem candidate

MY priorities include ensuring the recent reductions in crime continue (such as burglaries) and working with the police to improve detection rates.
I want to work with the police, local councils, housing associations and the voluntary sector to tackle anti-social behaviour which causes misery for many people.
I am concerned to ensure victims of domestic abuse have the confidence that their complaints will be dealt with.
We must improve the relationship between the police and young people (who are often crime victims) so that they feel confident in reporting crimes.
I will work closely with the health service and volunteers to tackle the causes of crime including alcohol and drug abuse.


Martin Surl - Independent candidate

I AM standing as an independent because I believe party politics has no place in policing.
I was born in the county, live in the county and expect to grow old here too; I think I have a deeper understanding of its needs than the other candidates.
As an experienced former officer, I am the only candidate in Gloucestershire with direct experience of policing.  I will not replace the chief constable but if you vote for Martin Surl on November 15, I will provide the resources he or she needs to reduce crime and make our county the best it can be.