POLICE in Gloucestershire have expressed their disappointment at drivers ignoring road closures and driving through floodwater.

Inspector for Roads Policing, Jason Keates, said: “We cannot stress strongly enough the importance of adhering to these road closures.

“We understand it’s frustrating when your journey is delayed by having to find an alternative route but the closures are in place for good reason.

“Under no circumstances should you drive through flood water – you do not know how deep it is, or what is under it.

“This also applies to larger vehicles, such as 4 x 4s. Whilst your vehicle might get through the water it causes a bow wave, which in turn can lead to flooding in nearby properties.”

Drivers are also being given the following advice: 

· Check local news for road closures before setting off

· Leave extra time for a journey if it is necessary

· Make sure you’re prepared if you get caught in a traffic jam – with enough fuel, your mobile phone battery fully charged, and food and drink

· Be wary of high winds and the extra risks they may bring

· Take extra care if driving through standing water alongside pedestrians or cyclists


Whilst the weather is set to improve it is likely that the water will remain for a few more days, which will see roads closed until it is safe for them to be re-opened.