by Emma Boden

PASSENGERS were left fuming after being trapped on a train for around five hours.

Sunday's busy 4.20pm service from Stroud to London Paddington was forced to stop just before the platform at Kemble because another train had broken down ahead.

Because it was not aligned with the platform, no one was allowed off and many passengers were without seats and had to stand or sit in the aisles.
The service, which had started in Swansea, had already been delayed and did not leeave Stroud until roughly 5.30pm.

It didn't start moving from Kemble until nearly 11pm.

Bisley resident Dave Rowe's daughter Rebecca Rowe was on board returning home to London after visiting her father.

She called him on her mobile to explain what had happened.

"Five hours to sort out a train breakdown seems a bit ludicrous," said Mr Rowe, 58.

"Rebecca was told every half an hour they were still trying to sort things and she couldn't get up to receive complimentary water because she didn't want to lose her seat.

"I have made a complaint as the organisation all just felt a bit hand-to-mouth."

Passengers were offered free onward travel to their destinations once they eventually reached Paddington after midnight and given a full refund.

Because of the problems, some later services from Stroud were cancelled.
A spokesman for First Great Western apologised for the delays.

"We are extremely sorry for the unacceptable delay faced by passengers," he said.

"As well as offering a full refund to all customers on board those trains, we will be giving them a free First Class ticket for anywhere on our network by way of an apology.

"The delays were initially caused by a series of flood-related signal problems compounded by a train fault. The flooding situation meant we couldn't get the trains moving as quickly as we should have."