THE effects of last week’s heavy snowfall are likely to be around until at least the end of the week.

Consistently low temperatures mean that ice patches and slush are still a concern in many areas of Gloucestershire.

On higher ground, strong winds could increase the chance of snow blowing across the highways.

A severe weather warning is still in place in the south west and the Met Office warns that, where rain or sleet is falling in the region, this could turn to snow especially on higher ground.

Gloucestershire Highways crews have been treating the county road network since 3am today, Tuesday, with further gritting runs taking place throughout the day.

Key routes have been tackled as a priority, with secondary roads also receiving treatment. This action will continue overnight when the snow is forecasted to return to Gloucestershire.

Residents are asked to remember that grit stocks exist in parish and town bins across Gloucestershire. These will be refilled by Highways crews as and when it is possible, but the priority for crews must be the salting of key routes and potential problem areas such as hills and roads near to schools.

Communities are encouraged to contact their parish and town councils, which were given the chance to stockpile bags of salt in the summer, and so may have some available to treat footways and replenish bins.

Though most of the road network is now passable and previously closed roads now open, Gloucestershire Highways would advise that any routes with steeper inclines will be hazardous for some time and should only be attempted with care.

Meanwhile, vulnerable residents are also warned to take care when walking on pavements in rural areas.

John Kay, Area Highways manager, said: “The biggest issue for our Highways crews is still the possibility of ice patches across the county.

“Freezing temperatures mean the snow is melting slowly and that can lead to ice forming on the roads.

“The message is that drivers should remain cautious and be fully prepared before leaving on a journey.”