HIGHWAYS teams will continue gritting runs across the county in the coming days, even as the Met Office predicts an end to the heavy snow that has hit in the past week.

Weather forecasts suggest Gloucestershire is now past the worst of the snowfall with tomorrow, Thursday, expected to be dry in most areas and only a light band of wintry weather anticipated on Friday.

This seasonal weather is expected to be replaced by windy, wet weather at the weekend, but with the chance of further snow greatly reduced.

All the key routes in the county are open and passable with care but due to extra snowfall overnight, there is still a risk of snow patches and slush on higher ground.

With the current low temperatures Highways teams warn that icy patches are likely on minor roads but it is anticipated teams will be able to get out and treat some of these areas in the next couple of days.

While Highways are tackling priority roads, residents are asked to remember that limited grit stocks exist in parish and town bins across Gloucestershire.

Communities are encouraged to contact their parish and town councils, which were given the chance to stockpile bags of salt in the summer and so may have some available to treat footways and replenish bins.

Vulnerable residents are also warned to take care when walking on pavements in rural areas.

John Kay, Area Highways manager, said: “We believe we are now past the worst of the bad weather this week, which should give us the time to tackle some of the minor roads in the county, though key routes will still be the priority.

“As the road network returns to normality we would urge people to still be prepared for further potentially icy conditions that could affect their journeys.”