ASSAULT victim Shaun Chapman, 21, has spoken to the SNJ about the incident when two teenagers attacked him armed with a handsaw blade on his way to his uncle's 50th birthday party.

Mr Chapman, who lives in Bath Road, Stroud, was walking to meet his family in the Lord John Pub in Russell Street on Friday, February 1 around 7.45pm when two teenagers aged around 18 approached him with a handsaw and demanded his mobile phone.

When Mr Chapman refused to give up his phone the two teenagers viciously assaulted him in the underpass near Kwik Fit in Dr Newtons Way leaving him with severe bruising and cuts to his face.

“My family didn’t even recognise me when I arrived at the Lord John after the attack,” said Mr Chapman who works in Tesco, Stroud.

After Mr Chapman reported the incident to the police on Friday he was taken to Gloucestershire Hospital for medical treatment.

More details to follow.