OSTEOPATH Sarah Spencer Chapman has just returned from a trip to Kenya where she has been helping to treat villagers living in remote areas.

Sarah, of Frome Hall Lane, Stroud,  was working with humanitarian aid organisation Carehighway International in Kibera.

She was with a team of 23 medics including GPs, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, midwives, physiotherapists and other osteopaths who worked from mobile clinics which were deluged with patients.

In one three week period they saw 3,000 patients.

Sarah explained that teamwork was the key to helping so many people at once.

"To manage the influx of patients we gave out 50 numbers a day and promised to see those people," said Sarah, whose osteopath clinic is based in the Richmond Village Spa in Painswick.

"When the numbers were halfway through they gave out another 25 ensuring that no one was disappointed.

"Also we were seeing so many different conditions and different levels of urgency that we set up triage teams run by the osteopaths, physiotherapists and nurses all with diagnostic skills.

"They quickly determined the needs of the patients and either treated them there and then or directed them to the medical professional required for their condition.
"Each patient then received all the care they needed in one fair swoop.

"With this joined up approach, support from the entire team and a good dose of humour, we were able to make a significant impact."

Sarah has also runs her own charity - Walking With Warriors - which helps injured servicemen.

The idea is to allow them to use their military skills for conservation work and they are placed on projects in wilderness areas which helps them to deal with the traumatic experiences many have been through in conflict zones.