DOCTORS diagnosed Keith Turley with a rare form of leukaemia when he was rushed to hospital after a fall at work in 2008.

He has spent the last four years in and out of hospital and currently has dialysis three times a week.

A few months ago he heard that the Jones family were taking legal action against the MoD and began to question whether his illness was due to the time he spent at Aston Down.

In 2002 Mr Turley helped to paint the inside of one of the buildings before the recycling company he was working for moved in.

"I had to brush down the walls of a lot of dust before painting and it is possible I breathed some in," said Mr Turley, 66, of Sherbourne Close, Stonehouse.

Six years later, while working at Southampton Docks, Mr Turley fell 3ft onto his back.

He went home but began to feel unwell and a week later was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with multiple-myeloma which doctors said had gone undetected for years and had left him in a serious condition which was compounded by the fall.

Mr Turley, who has three grandchildren, said: "Doctors told me if I had waited another 24 hours to get to hospital I wouldn't be alive.

"I don't want to blame anyone but I was a very healthy man before I started working at Aston Down.

"Someone should take responsibility if it wasn't safe when I was working there."


IN response to claims of radiation at Aston Down, Leda Properties released this statement.

"We have been advised that although the correct type of gamma surveys would be appropriate for these materials, alpha and beta surveys were, in fact, undertaken in 1990 in any case.

"The results proved that there was no residual contamination in the buildings from any test materials.

"The council do have the reports relating to alpha and beta surveys and are reviewing them.

"We are supportive of the approach of the council in seeking the HPA to review all the reports to date."


IN response to claims of radiation at Aston Down, SDC released this statement.

"When the airfield was decommissioned the MoD carried out testing to assess gamma radiation levels associated with the production of dials painted with luminescent paint.

"In recent weeks we became aware that there were no explicit references to alpha and beta radiation monitoring in those reports.

"As this is specialised area, the Health Protection Agency is looking into the matter on our behalf."