BRIGHTHOUSE is appealing against a decision by Stroud District Council to deny planning permission for its shopfront.

SDC has refused to approve the illuminated facade in King Street, Stroud, with planners saying it is out of keeping with the surroundings.

The household goods retailer, which offers flat-screen TVs, laptops, washing machines and other items on a weekly payment basis, opened the store in September and subsequently sought retrospective permission for its facade.

But SDC has turned down the request, saying: "Due to the prominent position, non-traditional materials, colours and illuminations the signage appears as an incongruous and inappropriate feature." 

However, in its written representation to the planning inspector, who will now decide whether or not the shop front will remain, BrightHouse said the new signage serves to enhance the integrity of the building, its character and appearance.

The company added that the sign is the same size as the one on the previous store and that the illumination promotes a sleek, modern look.

BrightHouse's appeal will now be decided on the basis of written representations and a site visit from a planning inspector.