A GREEN Party district councillor who will stand in the 2014 European elections has called for more decision-making powers to be devolved to regional level.

Molly Scott Cato, who represents the Valley ward and is the lead candidate for the Greens at next year's EU elections, believes the south-west should have more freedom to shape its food, energy and economic policies.

Cllr Scott Cato, a green economist and professor at Roehampton University, was expressing her opinions at the south-west Green Party AGM in Exeter on Saturday, February 9.

She said: "David Cameron is calling for powers to be brought back to Westminster, but how will that help to represent the views of the people of the south-west?

"On a whole range of issues from agriculture and taxation to transport and economic development we need to have more power at the local level."

Cllr Scott Cato added: "If the debate is about competencies and levels of government then it is time to add a green tint to that debate by calling for the end of the centralisation of power in the UK as well as in Europe as a whole."