AN untidy balancing pond next to police headquarters in Quedgeley is being transformed into an angling area in a bid to combat anti-social behaviour.

The Gloucester District policing team is promoting fishing as a way of diverting youngsters away from nuisance activities.

PC Lucy Winterburn recently worked with the charity Angling for Youth Development to train mentors to teach local children the pastime.

The use of the balancing pond, next to Gloucestershire Constabulary's training base in Waterwells, was one way of ensuring she could expand the project.

PC Winterburn said: "Given the proximity of the pond to our police building this idea has been staring us in the face for some time but we didn't own and couldn't use it.

"When Gloucestershire County Council agreed to lease us the pond and grounds it gave us the green light to go in, tidy it up and make it fit for this purpose.

"We have already started clearing up and cutting back the undergrowth and it's really beginning to take shape now."

The Environment Agency's Fisheries and Biodiversity office in Tewkesbury and Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust have also endorsed the idea and provided help and assistance.

PC Winterburn believes the scheme will have significant benefits for the community.

"I know that when I am out on patrol and talking to young people in the area they are always looking for something to do so taking advantage of the fantastic natural environment that surrounds us seemed to make total sense.

"I know that residents have concerns with regards to anti-social behaviour and we are hoping that by giving young people another positive choice we will be able to reduce those concerns."

If you are an angler and feel you could help with the project contact or call 101 and ask to speak to PC 208.