NAILSWORTH mayor Steve Robinson expressed disappointment at the news that a pot of highways money would not be used on the A46.

Gloucestershire county councillor Stan Waddington, who represents the Minchinhampton and Nailsworth ward, has an allocated budget of £10,000 to use on road improvements in his area.

Town councillors have been campaigning for months for a crossing on the A46 near Dunkirk Mill, but Cllr Waddington told them at a town council meeting on Tuesday, February 19, that it was not an 'appropriate request'.

"I am still deciding where to spend the money and there are a few places I have been looking into," he said.

"I don't think the A46 is an appropriate request as the money is not going to be sufficient for a £40,000 crossing."

Cllr Robinson said it was 'disappointing' and that the money could have gone a long way towards a crossing.