THERE was no running in the corridors of power when Severn View Primary Academy visited Parliament recently as pupils were on their best behaviour.

A total of 13 Year 6 students from the academy, formerly known as Parliament School, were able to see democracy up close and in action when they visited Westminster on Thursday, April 18.

The youngsters were given a guided tour of Westminster Hall and were able to look around the House of Lords before later watching a debate from the public gallery in the House of Commons.

They were also met by Stroud MP Neil Carmichael, who left a meeting especially to speak to the group about the role of Government.

First Great Western provided complimentary rail tickets between Stroud and Paddington for the trip, which was arranged by Conservative district councillor Debbie Young.

"I heard a collective gasp of 'wow' when they saw The House of Commons for the first time and I thought that was amazing," she said. "It was an awe-inspiring experience for them."