CINEMA-goers queueing to watch the new Iron Man 3 movie had a shock when they were greeted by two superheroes.

Iron Man and Iron Patriot posed for photos with fans at the Apollo cinema in Stroud and Cineworld in Cheltenham.

Brothers Russell Haslam, 27, and Curtis Haslam, 23, made the costumes from scratch at their home in Ebley.

Russell, who works for Ryanair as an airline pilot, said: "We saw a few ideas online for the suits back in October and decided we had plenty of time to build two before the release of Iron Man 3.

"We made the suits from foam sheeting and once we had the right shape we coated it with a plastic substance to make it solid. "We then painted them and added the electronic detail."

The superhero brothers made such a stir that they have been asked to go back to the cinemas.