A COUPLE have hit it off in more ways than one by proposing to each other during a martial arts class.

Rachael Dunn, 21, said 'yes' when her boyfriend Kyle Sessions, 20, got down on one knee at a Mystic Eagle Tae Kwon Do class at Nailsworth Primary School last Tuesday, June 11.

By complete coincidence, Rachael had planned to propose to Kyle on the same night.

"I thought it was the best place to do it because we have lots of friends there who have supported us and I wanted to involve the club," said Kyle, of Nailsworth, who met Rachael through an internet dating website in January.

"I bought the ring and contacted the instructor not knowing that Rachael had decided to do the same thing.

"I think we will have a long engagement and get married in a few years."

Kyle joined Mystic Eagle around five months ago after enjoying karate as a child and encouraged Rachael, who lives in Tuffley, to take up the sport a few months later.

Club secretary Jessica Scarborough said: "They haven’t been at the club long but we are like a family at Mystic Eagle and it was lovely for us to be involved in such a special moment."