CONCERNS have been raised about plans for a biomass boiler house at the converted Railway Hotel in Nailsworth.

Developers have submitted a planning application to install a 90kw biomass boiler at the site to provide central heating for the new apartments being built at the site in Station Road.

However residents are concerned that the boiler will be too noisy and will create fumes.

James Eddyshaw, 84, of George Street, said: "This last minute planning application has come as quite a shock.

"It is very big and the fumes and noise will be an annoyance not only to immediate neighbours but also residents in Watledge Hill and George Street.

"I am also concerned that the doors to the outbuilding will open onto Kettle Alley footpath which will be very unwelcoming.

"To use the footpath for the delivery of wood chips and disposal of ash will be an encumbrance and a danger to walkers and cyclists.

"I am hoping the developer will think again and go back to gas heating."

The boiler, which burns wood chippings or pellets, will provide hot water and heating to the main building, which has been converted into four apartments, the two existing cottages on the site and two new cottages which are currently under construction.

Developer Matthew Webb said: "With no existing gas supplies on the site all options were evaluated.

"The use of a single biomass boiler with a district heating supply to all properties is not only highly efficient but its fuel is carbon neutral with an estimated carbon saving of around 30 tonnes per annum, making it very environmentally friendly.

"These boilers are not only very quiet but burn the fuel so efficiently that the exhaust fumes tend to be smokeless making them suitable for residential areas."

The application (S.13/1333/FUL) can be viewed and comments submitted by August 31 at