CHRISTIAN Comment with Laura Huxford of Christian Science Reading Room, Lansdown, Stroud.

What unites the world’s Christians? An agreement that God is love and all are equal in His sight?

The Pope thinks so and recently stated God’s loving embrace is wider still saying: "God has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics. Everyone! . . . . even the atheists, everyone!”

In BBC’s Thought for the Day’, the Chief Rabbi, Lord Sacks, said the Abrahamic monotheisms – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – all share the idea that ‘every human being, regardless of colour, culture, creed or class, is in the image of God.

This means that one who is not in my image, whose faith or ethnicity are different from mine, is still in God’s image, and therefore possessed of inalienable rights.

’Two immense statements!But if an all-loving God is central to Islam, Judaism and Christianity, why the enmity among and between those of different faiths? Perhaps this concept of God is not shared? Perhaps the most still mistakenly view God as a changeable deity demanding appeasement while answering one person’s prayer and not another’s - the sort of god the Bible brands an idol.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in The People’s Idea of God that: "Proportionately as the people's belief of God, in every age, has been dematerialised and unfinited has their deity become good; no longer a personal tyrant or a molten image but the divine life, truth and love — life without beginning or ending, truth without a lapse or error, and love universal, infinite, eternal.

’What benefits could the views of these three thinkers bring?Fewer wars?Less racial and religious discrimination?Less social deprivation?Let’s find out?