CANCER survivor Tim Jamfrey has successfully completed a 3,000-mile charity motorcycle challenge.

Tim, 53, travelled through 11 countries across Europe in seven days, raising £3,500 for the Cotswold Care Hospice.

He organised the trip after being treated for bowel cancer and wanted to thank the hospice for the counselling he received.

Tim rode his BMW 1150 through Belgium, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Austria, Solvenia, Italy, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and France.

The hardest part of the trip was from Slovenia to Italy, where the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius.

“It was like driving with a hairdryer in your face,” said Tim, who lives in Stroud with wife Carol and son Joe and works for the Novalis Trust.

The highlight was riding through the mountains in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Austria, he added.

Tim's main sponsor was the Novalis Trust and he paid his own expenses so all the money raised could go directly to the hospice.

“When I was ill, I lost it mentally and came to the hospice for counselling which helped me put my head back together," explained Tim.

"This was my way of saying thank you."

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