TWO months after receiving a suspended jail term for offences of assault and possessing a knife, Zoe Deburiatte was caught shoplifting, Gloucester Crown Court heard on Friday.

Deburiatte, aged 38, of Glebe Road, Minchinhampton, pleaded guilty to stealing a bottle of vodka from a shop on May 26.

She also admitted breaching a six month suspended prison term imposed at the same court on March 26 for charges of assault and possessing a knife.

But after being told about 'difficulties in her life' - including a recent bereavement - Recorder Richard Davison said he would not activate the jail term.

"I give you a lot of credit for your plea of guilty and I give you a lot of credit for the very good progress you have been making under supervision," he said.

"I also bear in mind that you have a serious problem with addiction and that you have had a recent loss and also suffered an assault."

For the shoplifting offence, Deburiatte was given a six month community order with a requirement to undertake alcohol treatment. The suspended sentence will remain in force.