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  • "*Planck length, named after the physicist Max Planck. Not to be confused with the size of a plank!
    Previously we thought the atom was the smallest, then the nucleons, and currently we see quarks as the smallest units of matter.
    We have tried splitting them, but they refuse to exist on their own.
    (isolate a quark and it will create itself another quark so it isn't lonely, isn't that nice?)
    However, for all we know, quarks could be made of even smaller particles!
    The wonder of science is that there's always more to know. We will always be striving to learn more about our world and indeed our universe. And there is always fascinating news and important discoveries.
    Religion has remained mostly the same since its creation hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago.
    Doesn't it seem silly to base your life around a book written hundreds of years ago?
    When you go to the doctors, do they administer you drugs created by chemists, or do they pray and drill a hole into your head?
    If you want to use religion for good, to get out and help people, then by all means go ahead.
    But remaining silent and simply praying for good?
    That's poor."
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Christian Comment with Graham Hobbs of Minchinhampton Baptist Church

I MARRIED a young lady who grew up in Nailsworth and she brought me back down here for a year.

That was in 1975 and we're still here.

As a result I have now spent most of my life here and have seen so much, even in a quiet rural area.

Recently, it was not so quiet.

I was in Stroud when some shouting broke out between two people.

Bad language was flying about and it looked like the fists were about to do the same.

I wanted to stop it but I didn't have what it took, either the brain or the muscles, to break it up so I turned elsewhere for help.


It wasn't the person net to me who was looking for a free ringside seat.

Fat lot of help they were.

I tried praying instead.

Prayer isn't soft.

It is more powerful than the atom.

My simple prayer was that God would separate them.

In less than a minute, one protagonist had walked away and someone more able than me ha walked walked he other person away in a different direction.

I think it was one of the fastest answers to prayer I have experienced.

Conversely, another prayer I saw answered that month occurred almost forty years after I began praying.

I could so easily have given up but it's not about how long, how much or how cleverly I pray.

It's about the one I'm talking to.

He stopped the fight within seconds.

He changed a situation I couldn't, even if it took forty years.

have you got an unanswered prayer?

Don't give up.

I recently came across a good word.

Actually it can be turned into a sentence as well.

It's PUSH.

Pray Until Something Happens.

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