RESIDENTS who have been campaigning for two years to get their lane repaired were left even more determined after an ambulance became stuck there for more than an hour.

Householders in Frome Hall Lane off Bath Road in Stroud were unable to take their vehicles out for around an hour on Wednesday after an ambulance, which wasn’t on an emergency call, broke down at 1pm.

Residents said they were stuck for longer than necessary because overgrown hedgerows meant it was almost impossible to squeeze past the vehicle on foot.

In addition, the state of the road, which is littered with potholes, made it more difficult for the vehicle to be recovered, according to resident Celia Harrison-Woolls.

A dispute between residents and the owners of the lane, Hartley Property Trust, over who has responsibility for repairs has been rumbling on for almost two years.

“In some places the potholes are very deep and spread across the entire width of the lane. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt,” said resident Fiona Magee.

Residents have looked into the possibility of funding repairs themselves, which between the 23 households would cost around £500 each.

The situation is complicated, however, as some householders have a contractual responsibility to contribute towards the upkeep of the lane while others do not.

A spokesman for Hartley said: “Frome Hall Lane has more than 20 users, of whom nearly half have some sort of title obligation to participate in the maintenance of the lane.

“An issue with the current state of the drains on the road has been identified which must be resolved by Severn Trent Water before final repairs can be undertaken, otherwise any repairs to the road may need to be dug up again.

“We appreciate that dealing with any utility company will take time, and therefore as an act of good faith and without accepting any liability, Hartley has asked Stroud surveyor Andrew Watton to organise the immediate filling of the potholes as a temporary measure to give the surveyors time to find a long-term solution which is acceptable to all.”