SILENT party goers raised more than £700 for charity at a school disco.

Nearly 200 pupils from Wycliffe College in Stonehouse turned out to dance the night away at a silent disco at the school – an event which is usually only seen at major festivals.

In silent discos revellers wear headphones on which they can select one of three channels of music to listen to according to their particular taste.

A light shows which channels they are using and battle ensues to see which play list is most popular.

Individuals can switch between the three channels throughout the evening.

They have been hugely popular at festivals such as Reading and Glastonbury but are only just catching on for smaller events.

Wycliffe College head boy Joe Dunne organised the disco on Friday, November 15 after he was inspired by a similar event at Reading Festival.

“It seemed like really good fun and a concept that could be applied to a Wycliffe social,” said Joe.

“It's hilarious when you take your headphones off and see everyone dancing along to apparently nothing and yet singing one of three songs always available.

“In the end we managed raise a fantastic amount of money for the Prefects’ Charity, Cancer Relief UK”

Head of Sixth Form, Jon Hardaker said: “The party came at the end of the Year 11’s sixth form experience day when prospective sixth formers spend a day sampling sixth form lessons.

"It was great to see how our current sixth formers welcomed next year’s intake and showed them how to have a really good time at the end of a hard day’s work.”