A FAMILY have had to use money saved for Christmas presents to pay for vet bills after their cat was shot with an air rifle in Stroud.

Eight-month-old moggy Milly is still recovering after she was shot in the pelvis on Friday, November 22.

Owners Jo and Steve Legge say they have spent more than £400 on vet’s bills so far.

“This has added extra stress to our family as we had to use our Christmas money to help pay for her treatment,” said Jo, who lives in Constance Close, in Dudbridge, with children Hannah, 12, Tom, nine, and Jessica, two.

“Thankfully Milly is recovering but it was touch and go for a while as the bullet went through her pelvis, narrowly missing her bladder and a major artery in her leg.”

Jo found the cat lying at the steps of their house around 9.30am with blood on her leg.

She took her to Five Valleys Veterinary Practice in Cainscross Road, and the vet found a small metal pellet.

“The thought that she had been shot didn’t even cross my mind,” said Jo.

“I thought she had been attacked by another animal or hit by a car. We are all just so shocked.

“The poor little thing hasn’t been going out for very long as she is only young.”

Jo said she is disappointed that the police have yet to visit the family.

A spokesman for Gloucestershire police said: “House to house inquiries are being carried out and officers are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact them.”

Anyone with information should call 101 quoting incident 182 of November 22.