A LABRADOR has been given the gift of life this Christmas after she was saved by a canine blood donor.

The vets and veterinary nurses at Clockhouse Vets in Old Market, Nailswoth, carried out an emergency operation to save the life of one of their canine clients, Connie, which would not have been a success without the help of a dog blood donor.

Connie, a 10-year-old rescue Labrador, became ill while out for a walk with her owners Daphne and Allen Beale from Nailsworth.

She had shown no previous signs of being unwell, so Allen carried her to the car, took her home and called the vets, who advised him to bring her in.

Connie was assessed and admitted for further tests which indicated she was bleeding internally and urgently needed surgery to stop the bleeding.

As a result of the blood loss she also needed a blood transfusion.

Clockhouse has a list of doggy blood donors whose owners they contact in emergencies – being careful not to call the same dog in again too soon.

The owners of a golden retriever were contacted and they brought their dog to the hospital to donate blood.

A team of three vets and two nurses, two of whom were not on duty but who volunteered to help, worked quickly and efficiently to save Connie, who is now well on the road to recovery.

Allen and Daphne are thrilled to know Connie, who has been part of their family since 2006, is going to be alright.

All the staff at Clockhouse would like to join Allen and Daphne in thanking the donor dog and its owners for giving Connie a second chance.