ANTI-INCINERATOR group GlosVAIN has released a Christmas carol poking fun at Urbaser Balfour Beatty and Gloucestershire County Council.

The three-minute track is set to the tune of ‘O Christmas Tree’ and has been uploaded to YouTube with a video showing an incinerator encased inside a glass snow globe.

Campaigners say the song is intended to send a ‘serious message, with a sprinkling of humour’ about the need for cheaper, greener and smaller alternatives to an incinerator.

It is the third annual Christmas video produced by GlosVAIN and in the spirit of recycling the group says it has re-used footage from its 2011 video.

A GlosVAIN spokesman said: “We thought it was a good way to send a reminder that the world's resources are limited.

“As with our video, we should be looking to maximise reuse of materials rather than sending them up in smoke and losing them forever.

“Speaking of limited resources, there is a parallel here with GlosVAIN's fighting fund for the ongoing public inquiry into the incinerator.

“This is in stark contrast to the large budgets of GCC and UBB's incinerator-supporting cases, funded by Gloucestershire's taxpayers.”