THIS being the last full working week before we break-up for the festive holiday, I thought it a good opportunity to write my Christmas message from Chalford Parish Council.

With all the conflict going on in the world, Syria, Nigeria and of course Afghanistan it’s nice to think that we have the opportunity to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in peace and in such a beautiful village.

The five villages that make up Chalford parish are unique in their own ways and it’s through the efforts of the parishioners that they remain so. Of course Steve Webber, the parish groundsman takes care of much of the work to keep the area clean and tidy.

He’s really the face of the parish council, out in all weathers, without complaint making this parish a very pleasant place to live.

Thank you Steve and to all those of you out there picking up litter and doing your bit.

The two clerks do an immense amount of work on our behalf, working well beyond their allocated hours for the benefit of the councillors and the parish. An upcoming project, the parish neighbourhood plan, will mean even more work for them and the council. Thank you very much for all your efforts.

The parish plan would go some way toward protecting what we already have and also permit us to say where and what type of future development we’d like in the village. It’s a long process and will mean a lot of hard work for us all if we decide to go ahead with it.

Your parish councillors continue to work hard on your behalf. All are volunteers and do it for their love of the area in which we live. Incidentally, we have two vacancies for councillor in the Bussage and Hill Wards if anyone is interested.

To all the councillors, past and present, thank you, your efforts are considerable and very much appreciated.

Finally, a big thank you to all our parishioners who get out there and do things, quietly, not seeking reward apart from maintaining the beauty and quality of this wonderful parish. On behalf of Chalford Parish Council a very merry Christmas.