STROUD may be known for its liberal leanings, but that has not stopped one of the world’s most authoritarian dictators from apparently planning a trip to the town.

A parody account has sprung up on Twitter claiming to be North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

The tyrannical leader of the communist state claims to be planning a holiday in Stroud.

Although Kim, who likes to refer to Stroud MP Neil Carmichael as ‘Great Warrior of the Cotswolds,’ only has 56 followers, his witty comments on local issues have proved popular with Stroud’s Twitterati.

He even created his own New Year’s Honours list, which featured district councillor Debbie Young, Winstones Ice Cream maker Ben Vear, Forest Green Rovers photographer Shane Healey and SNJ reporter Hayley Mortimer.

The oppressor, who prefers to be called ‘Dear Leader’ on Twitter, says he has many plans for Stroud including banning beards and building an airport in Nailsworth.

He said: “Thinking of banning people in Stroud from sporting beard. This goes for men and women.

“Got big plans for Nailsworth. Going to build an airport, right in the centre. Kim Jong International Gateway Airport.”

In another post, he asks followers for advice on where to open an embassy.

“Thinking either in Warehouse, above @TradingPostRecs or @ecotricity,” he said.

The 30-year-old leader also appears to be a fan of Forest Green Rovers, but has renamed the football club Forest Red Rovers.

Following their win over Aldershot at home on Boxing Day he said: “I salute heroes of @GreenArmyFGR against infidels and losers of Aldershot.

“Marcus Kelly he quite good.”

This week he said: “I hearing Forest Red Rovers sign Crystal Palace player. Watch out, I live in palace, not footballers.”

And when FGR’s game against Salisbury was rained off on Saturday he said: “Losers from Salisbury too scared to take on Forest Red Rover Heroes so match off. Salisbury team to jail.”