HOLD ON to your hat, Terry Pratchett, there’s a new fantasy author hoping for great things with his first books.

Terry Greer, 57, from Shortwood, has just published a fantasy series called Jangada.

The trilogy, which includes Lady Catherine’s Diary, Starcross and El! is centred around the world of Jangada and the intrigue surrounding the ruler of one of its small floating islands.

“The first chapters were written around 12 years ago,” said Terry.

“I tried to find a publisher for several years but it’s pretty tough if you are an unknown author and I finally decided to go for epublishing.

“I don’t imagine it will make me a fortune but it’s good to see my work published and to know that there are people out there who are willing to give a new author a try.”

Over the years Terry has had a variety of jobs.

“Every author is supposed to have done a weird and wonderful collection of jobs,” he said. “I have worked as a zoo keeper, tree surveyor and art gallery attendant, self-employed chimney sweep, record cover artist, water quality controller and computer game designer.”

The books are available for download on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.