Porn website proves popular amongst Stroudies

2:13pm Wednesday 8th January 2014

By SNJ Reporter

STROUD spends longer watching Internet pornography than any other town or city in the county, according to data collected by adult entertainment website Pornhub.

The online porn website was visited 42,353 times by people in Stroud over the last 12 months.

On average, viewers in the Five Valleys spent an average of 10 minutes and four seconds looking at adult content, visiting 6.71 different pages on the Canadian-based website, which markets itself as 'the ultimate xxx porn' experience.

The figures came to light after Pornhub, one of the world’s most popular porn sites, released data on the private viewing habits and sexual preferences of its users across the UK and around the world.

The data shows that Stroud is the 38th highest-ranking town or city in the UK for the longest amount of time spent on the website.

Whilst Stroud residents spent an above average 10 minutes and four seconds browsing pornography on the site, the national average in the UK is nine minutes and 42 seconds and the global average is eight minutes and 56 seconds.

According to Pornhub, Monday is the most popular day for online pornography and January is the busiest month for the website.

A reporter for the Guardian newspaper, which has analysed the data, said the survey revealed that porn habits differed between cities.

“Visitors to the site from Sheffield search 'natural tits' while in Liverpool one of the biggest search terms is 'teacher',” the reporter observed.

Full data below.


Average visit duration: 10:04

Pages per visit: 6.71

Number of visits to Pornhub per year: 42,353


Average visit duration: 09:21

Pages per visit: 5.78

Number of visits to Pornhub per year: 407,633


Average visit duration: 09:58

Pages per visit: 6.87

Number of visits to Pornhub per year: 16,154


Average visit duration: 09:36

Pages per visit: 6.78

Number of visits to Pornhub per year: 386,454


Average visit duration: 09:52

Pages per visit: 6.49

Number of visits to Pornhub per year: 11,073


Average visit duration: 09:38

Pages per visit: 6.86

Number of visits to Pornhub per year: 154,691




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