Cam scrap metal hailer prosecuted

2:53pm Thursday 16th January 2014

TWO cases of people unlawfully hailing for scrap metal through a loud speaker system from a collection vehicle have been dealt with at Cheltenham Magistrates’ Court

On Monday, January 6 the court heard how the traditional “any old iron” hail was broadcast across the areas of Cam and Stroud to advertise collection in different dates.

In August 2013, a hail was witnessed by both a Stroud District Council housing officer and one of its neighbourhood wardens in the Nordown Road area of Cam.

An investigation traced the vehicle to James Dutton, 45, operating out of the Lydney area.

Mr Dutton pleaded guilty in court and was given a 12-month conditional discharge and required to pay a £15 victim surcharge as well as £85 in costs.

The other case occurred in June 2013 when the hail was witnessed by a Stroud District Council housing officer in the College Road area of Stroud.

Subsequent investigation traced the vehicle to Leighton Lorrimore, a scrap metal dealer based in Caerphilly.

In court, Mr Lorrimore was found guilty of the offence in his absence, fined £400 and required to pay a £40 victim surcharge as well as £195 in costs.

In recent months the council has received a number of similar complaints. In addition to the above prosecutions, two further cases resulted in the offenders being formally cautioned.

A Stroud District Council spokesman said: “The use of loudspeakers in this manner for the advertising of a business can cause significant disturbance across entire neighbourhoods and we do get complaints. "These cases clearly demonstrate our commitment to addressing those issues.”

Anyone wishing to report a noise nuisance should call the council on 01453 754478 or email


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