POLICE are reminding residents in Stroud about the importance of home safety after a series of burglaries in the district.

A number of houses in Bussage and Chalford have been targeted and officers are reminding the public to be extra-vigilant through the winter months.

Inspector Andy Poole said “Sometimes it is obvious that no-one is home, and advertising your property as vacant can be a great opportunity for a burglar.

Some simple precautions can help prevent you from being a victim of crime”

Those simple precautions can include:
• Leaving a light on in the house or getting a timed socket for the light to come on
• Net curtains to prevent easy viewing into your home.
• Adequate security lighting around the home.
• Strong and Secure Locks on doors and windows.  Making sure you include gates leading to the rear of your property.
• Defensive Planting (thorns, bushes) can prevent casual intrusion.
• Mark all valuable property with either an Ultra-Violet pen or a forensic marking kit.  Make sure you mark all valuable property in the house and the shed/outbuildings.
• Use a padlock on your shed.   Some burglars take advantage of your shed being unlocked.  Especially if you leave a lot of expensive garden equipment.  Maybe consider a shed alarm.

For more crime prevention advice or to contact your local officer log on to www.gloucestershire.police.uk