DUE to continuous speeding in Horsley and Downend, Gloucestershire County Council is reinstating a no entry at the junction between the B4058 and the Downend turn.

The heavy rain Gloucestershire experienced earlier in the month caused a landslip in Horsely that led to a temporary road closure on the B4058 Nailsworth to Horsley Road.

Since the temporary road closure has been in place, local residents and road users have been concerned that some drivers are not following the official diversion route and are driving above the speed limit.

The site, which has already been the subject of some corrective work this year, was affected by significant rainfall that caused further movement on the hillside.  The road has been temporarily closed while further investigations are carried out.

Since the temporary road closure has been in place, Gloucestershire County Council has received a significant amount of complaints from residents about vehicles ignoring the signed diversion route.

In a bid to rectify the problem, the no entry has been reintroduced to avoid potential accidents on the route.

Highways crews have relieved pressure on the landslip and sandbags have been placed on the road to divert water away from the slip area helping to reduce the risk of further movement and protecting the properties below.

Depending on investigations it is still hoped that the full repair scheme can take place over the next few months.

Cllr Vernon Smith, cabinet member for floods, said: "It was decided to reintroduce the no entry following a high volume of complaints from residents in the surrounding area and concerns raised about vehicles driving too fast on narrow roads.

“The official diversion route (using the A4135 and Calcot crossroads) is the safest way around. Downend and the adjoining hamlets are not a suitable way through, and should not be used to access the recycling centre.

"Local residents will know other ways to get around the closure, but these are via narrow residential lanes so I would like to remind drivers to be extra cautious and to, of course, stick to the speed limit."

For further information regarding these works, please contact Gloucestershire Highways on 08000 514514.