CENTRAL Stroud looks set to become free of speeding traffic as a blanket 20mph zone is now out to consultation.

Green Party county councillor Sarah Lunnon has been campaigning to get a 20mph area wide limit introduced in the town.

Gloucestershire County Council has given notice that it intends to make a road traffic order extending the existing 20mph zone throughout the town centre.

It is currently out to statutory consultation, giving local people and interested parties the opportunity to comment, support or object to the proposal.

Cllr Lunnon said: "If we drive at a maximum of 20mph we make our streets feel safer and if we are involved in a collision at 20mph then we are less likely to cause severe injury or death."

The council has produced a list of roads with reduced speed limits including sections of Folly Lane, Slad Road, Merrywalks and London Road.

Proposed roads are generally in urban areas with considerable pedestrian footfall due to schools, recreational amenities and shops.

Other roads include Parliament Street, Bisley Road, Beeches Green, Middle Street and Nelson Street.

For a full list and map see www.gloucestershire.gov.uk

The closing date for comment is Wednesday, January 29. Representations can be emailed to highways@gloucestershire.gov.uk