AFTER a week which consisted of two late night council meetings and my car breaking down during a torrential rain storm I have to say the last thing I wanted to do on a Friday after work was go to the gym.

However I have to say that it was probably the highlight of my week.

That may not mean a lot considering the awful week that I had but I was pleasantly surprised at just how much fun I had during my workout and also how good I felt afterwards.

I must clarify that this good feeling did not extend to my body – as I spent most of the weekend in bed unable to move and catching up with my favourite TV shows – but mentally I felt quite happy after my workout.

This could have something to do with the laughing fit I had during one of the exercises – but at least I was crying tears of joy rather than ones of pain – as I said they came later.

From my extensive three week experience in a gym environment I am beginning to learn what motivates people to squeeze into their lycra shorts and oversized t-shirts and spend an hour in the evening puffing and sweating in pain.

For some it is the continuous desire to lose weight, for others it is a need to feel healthier. Then you have those weirdoes who say they actually ‘enjoy’ doing exercise – something I think they just say to the rest of us normal people to make us feel like we’re not doing it right as we are not finding it ‘enjoyable’.

For me – who is totally unmotivated by the thought of sweating profusely for an hour and spending the next 24 in pain because of it – I need something else.

And I think I found it on Friday. I need to do something that is fun and something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m working too hard.

I’m almost certain that my good Friday feeling would have been non-existent had I forced myself to run 20 minutes on a treadmill or 10 miles on an exercise bike.

Instead I spent that hour on a Friday balancing on half an exercise ball throwing bean bag weights and trying to do squats.

I guess it wouldn’t be considered as a run of the mill workout but that’s not what you get at True Function. Instead you get a personalised training programme which plays to your strengths but also tries to develop your weaknesses.

And although my arms remained almost unmoveable for the entire weekend I was still laughing at my balancing techniques days after and actually looking forward to the next session.