Teenager 18, threatened to kill pregnant hostel worker

3:00pm Saturday 1st February 2014

By SNJ Reporter

A PREGNANT support worker at a homeless hostel cowered in terror behind her desk while ranting teenager Stuart Presdee threatened to kill her and her unborn child, a court heard.

As Sian Breeze was making a 999 call to report that Presdee had drunkenly forced his way into the hostel in Stroud he stormed into her office, Gloucester Crown Court was told on Thursday.

Stripped to the waist, 18-year-old Presdee then unleashed a tirade of abuse and made violent movements towards Ms Presdee at the Seasons Hostel in Summer street, Stroud.

A recording of her 999 call was played in court and the noise of Presdee shouting could clearly be heard, as could Ms Breeze pleading with him not to hurt her because she was pregnant.

At one point when the 999 operator was unable to get Ms Breeze to talk to her any more she was heard to exclaim 'Oh God' as if fearing the worst had happened.

CCTV of the entire incident, filmed from inside the office and in the corridor outside, was also played to Judge William Hart.

|t showed Presdee coming down the corridor and going into his room. Soon afterwards he emerged without his shirt and went into the office with another resident who was trying to calm him down.

Ms Breeze retreated behind the desk as Presdee tried to to get to her but the other man held him back.

When Presdee left the office briefly and went back to his room the other man locked the door. But the CCTV showed Presdee return and start kicking and hitting the door.

The other resident stood holding the door against the blows but Presdee fetched a chair to hit it with and he succeeded in making a hole in the door and putting his arm through it.

Eventually police arrived and arrested Presdee.

Presdee admitted making threats to kill and criminal damage and was sentenced to two years detention.

Prosecutor Julian Kesner said the incident blew up when Presdee returned to the hostel late on December 6 the worse for drink.

Ms Breeze told him she could not admit him because it was against hostel rules to allow any residents in if drunk.

But Breeze 'a powerfully built young man more than six feet tall,' pushed past her and went to his room. It was as she was in the office calling 999 that he stormed in and her ordeal began.

Claire Malvern, defending, said Presdee had very little recollection of the incident because he was so drunk at the time. When shown the CCTV of his actions he had understood the gravity of what he did, she said.

"He has shown a considerable amount of remorse," she added,


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