A GREYHOUND shook a cat so violently that it punctured its lungs causing it to die, a court heard.

Dog owner Suzanne McKeever, aged 49, of Severn Road, in Stonehouse, has been ordered to keep her pet Jazz on a lead in residential areas and keep it muzzled when out of the house.

McKeever admitted that the dog was dangerously out of control when it attacked the cat in August last year.

The rescue dog chased the cat in a park and shook it in its mouth, causing broken legs and punctured lungs, Cheltenham Magistrates' Court heard on Wednesday, January 29.

McKeever's last dog had escaped the lead and run onto the railway line, the court heard.

District Judge Lynne Matthews said: "The upset this must have caused to the cat owner.

"Something needs to be done to protect dogs under her control and other animals at risk."

McKeever's lawyer Helen Smith said: "My client had never seen behaviour like it before and made contact with the cat owner and paid the vet bills."