IT can sometimes be very hard to get across to people exactly what True Function gym is like.

I know I’m supposed to write for a living but even when I’m talking to my friends, family and colleagues about the gym and the exercises I do there, I’m not sure if they can accurately picture it.

So let’s break it down into simple terms.

The gym is one room, probably no bigger than the waiting area in a doctor’s surgery.

There is no, what I would call, ‘normal’ equipment, instead, there are these things called battling ropes, a cargo net, monkey bars, bean bag weights and a hula hoop that weighs two pounds.

Twice a week, for an hour at a time the gym owner and my personal trainer Dion Trigg, gives me a series of exercises to complete which work my legs, bum and tum – not to mention my arms which still feel like they will never recover from the constant onslaught of exercise.

This week my colleague Hayley came along to one of my sessions and I think she was actually quite impressed by what she saw.

I mean she definitely wasn’t impressed by my athletic ability, a fact I realised as she laughed hysterically while I struggled to hold myself mere inches off the floor while attempting to climb a rope for the first time since the age of 10.

She was however, impressed by Dion’s approach to exercise.

Dion understands that if you are someone who doesn’t enjoy exercise, then running on a treadmill for 30 minutes is going to be a horrendous experience for you, and all the other gym users who watch as you flail your arms around while fighting off tears of pain and frustration.

Instead I get to exercise by jumping a 6ft gap from one soft box to another while unknowingly working all my core muscles.

Although I am constantly reminded of my inferior fitness levels - cue me puffing and panting for five minutes while trying to get my breath back – I can at least look back after every session and feel a sense of satisfaction and now more often a sense of enjoyment.