A FATHER of two who took more than 100 photos of a woman sunbathing has been given an 18-month conditional discharge.

Andrew Stoodley, 56, of Pearcroft Road, Stonehouse, pleaded guilty to voyeurism at Stroud Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, 22 after he was caught trying to take pictures of the woman through her bedroom window.

The case was adjourned for a pre-sentence report and today, Wednesday, Stoodley was handed an 18-month conditional discharge and a restraining order to prevent him from contacting the victim or going within 100 metres of her address.

At a previous hearing the court heard how on July 25 last year, Stoodley saw the victim undressing in her bedroom.

Peter Ashby, prosecuting, explained that the victim got completely undressed before getting into bed, and once under the duvet she noticed an A4 size mirror dangling outside her window.

After a few minutes the mirror was removed and replaced with a mobile phone which was lit up indicating it was on, the court heard.

“The victim believed she was being recorded,” added Mr Ashby.

The court then heard that during a police interview Stoodley admitted to having taken more than 100 photos of the victim sunbathing.

However none of these photos were found on the defendant’s laptop, phone or camera.

According to Mr Ashby, when asked by police about the mirror Stoodley said he used it to 'get a better look'.

Nicola Colwill, defending, said Stoodley believed he was being invited to watch.

“The victim could have gotten undressed in any part of her room but she chose to stand next to the window with the light on stripping naked,” she added.

“Therefore the defendant could only conclude that she was undressing in front of the window so that he could see her.

“It was a foolish error of judgement, however he didn’t even realise he was committing a criminal offence.”

Stoodley was also ordered to pay £85 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.