SO if you can remember all the way back to four weeks ago I started this whole training experience one per cent off obese – a fact that left me quite mortified.

Mainly because the word obese is just an awful thing to hear when you hear it in reference to yourself and secondly because I was adamant that I actually looked quite slim and did not need to exercise or diet.

To be honest the whole diet idea never really took hold – typed as I sit at my desk eating a Milky Way – but I have tried extremely hard with the exercise part.

And by extremely hard I mean I force myself to attend personal training with Dion twice a week and then do no other kind of physical activity for the other five days – but for me this is actually quite a challenge.

I think when people get back into exercise they expect to see results fast – and these results are usually determined by weight loss.

After my initial ‘obese’ revelation I went home and worked out how much weight I would have to lose in order to be considered ‘healthy’ on the BMI scale. Ten kilogrammes – which is crazy because if I lost that much weight I would genuinely look unhealthy – probably because I would be.

So when I stand on the scales again this week after four weeks of training I’m not all that surprised to learn I haven’t really lost any weight (although maybe slightly disappointed).

However Dion doesn’t just measure success based on weight he measures it based on fat rolls.

So he takes a set of skin roll measurements on my bicep, tricep, upper back and hip (more fondly known as my love handles) and this is the moment where I can finally see my hard work paying off.

I have managed to lose fat in every area of my body and although weight wise I am still the same I am much more thrilled with the idea that my once flabby exterior has been pushed and pulled through a regime of exercises that has helped to build muscle – albeit very small ones – and tone up.

There is still a long way for me to go, which I am reminded as my puny arm muscles attempt to hold my body weight – a trick I have not yet mastered – but even though it all still hurts I can feel myself recovering much quicker.

All in all I think now is the time to throw away my bathroom scales and instead just measure the decreasing amount of excess skin surrounding my bingo wings as it clearly much better reflects the great progress I have been making.