STONEHOUSE Rotary Club has organised a concert to raise money for hospital equipment in Zanzibar in Africa.

The club has worked with other branches in the district to arrange the concert at the Subscription Rooms in Kendrick Street, Stroud, on Friday, April 4.

The concert, which starts at 7.45pm, will feature the internationally acclaimed Kentwood Show Choir, which is celebrating its golden anniversary this year.

All the proceeds from the concert will go to Health Improvement Project, Zanzibar – a medical charity based in the five valleys which not only helps to equip the hospital and other primary care centres in the country but also trains and supports local medics in Zanzibar.

Stonehouse Rotary Club has also been awarded a global Rotary foundation grant which will mean that every £10 donated will result in the charity receiving £25.

Tickets available from or by calling 01453 760900. For more information go to