Caring bikers donate scooter to National Star College

4:02pm Friday 14th February 2014

A ROAR of engines signalled the arrival of a mobility scooter for the National Star College.

Twenty-five caring bikers, who are all members of the Ride ’Til We Rot Society – a national club for riders who have disabilities or have suffered from a life-changing injury, delivered the vital transport to the Gloucestershire college.

Society founder and president Manda Fairbrother, who lives in Chalford, explained that most members of the society can identify with the people who use National Star College, which aims to enhance the quality of life for people with complex disabilities and acquired brain injuries.

The 58-year-old explained how something positive has come out of a sad situation.

"The scooter was bought for a biker’s father who sadly died soon afterwards," said Manda, who rides a 1400 Intruder she calls 'the dragon'.

“He wanted to donate it to somewhere it would get good use from someone who deserved it.

“We like helping people where we can. Within the society we’ve got volunteer blood runners and people who transport kidneys to hospitals in emergencies.

"We’ve raised thousands for charities and hope we can do something else for National Star in the future.”

Manda not only lives with a broken back but she also has autophobia, an illness that makes her self-loathe, and founded Ride ’Til We Rot as a means to help her cope.

The society now has 14,000 members across the world.

“I’ve always needed to care for other people. Every night I sit in bed and ask if I have done enough for others," she said.

"All our bikers can all relate to the students at the National Star College as we have some of the same problems.

"However we also share the idea that our disabilities will not stop us from doing things, instead we just have to find a way to do them in another manner.”

Kate Green, director of fundraising at the college, said: “Students and staff enjoyed the bikers’ visit and we are so grateful that they have thought of us. We will ensure that the scooter is put to good use.”


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