OFFICERS from Gloucester Police's proactive team performed a 'driver engagement day' within the city on Thursday February 20.

The initiative was aimed at reducing the numbers of deaths and serious injuries on the city's roads. Officers from the team were out enforcing traffic laws, utilising traffic offence reports as well as educating local drivers who committed road traffic offences.

In particular drivers using mobile phones at the wheel, failing to wear a seatbelt, speeding or driving without due care were targeted, drivers stopped were offered a range of options, from words of advice and education to a fixed penalty notice.

In addition drivers seen to be driving without due care, using a mobile phones, speeding or committing more serious offences were fined or given penalty points.

PC Neil Evans the organiser of the operation said: "These driver engagement days are an excellent way of getting some simple but effective messages over about the devastating impact of poor driver behaviour.

“The drivers we stopped and spoke to said they were likely to change the way the drive as a direct result of what the Police officers told them.”

PC Laura Meacham added: "This educational initiative combined with our regular roadside enforcement will help to drive the message home to motorists that committing traffic offences and putting road users at risk will not be tolerated. We will continue to make our roads safer for all who use them."

During the day in excess of 60 vehicles were stopped and the drivers spoken to about offences committed, 16 drivers were issued fixed penalty notices for not wearing their seatbelt, two drivers were reported for prosecution for using a mobile phone whilst driving and officers seized one vehicle for anti-social driving offences.