DRUG addict Jesse Hancock attempted to steal 36 bottles of wine from Sainsbury’s in Stroud, a court heard.

Hancock, aged 29, of Queens Drive, Cashes Green, also admitted to stealing bottles of champagne, prosecco and wine from the Co-op stores in King's Stanley and Stonehouse.

Hancock admitted four charges of theft plus a charge of failing to attend a court hearing when she appeared at Stroud Magistrates Court on Wednesday.

Magistrates heard that on November 13 last year, Hancock stole a can of lager from Millwood Motor Company in Cam.

Days later at 3pm on November 22, she stole three bottles of champagne, one bottle of prosecco and two bottles of wine from the Co-op store in King's Stanley.

Then, at 5.50pm on December 16, Hancock put an unknown number of bottles of champagne into a basket and walked out of the Co-op store in Stonehouse without paying.

Magistrates also heard that Hancock was detained by security staff at Sainsbury’s in Stroud at 6pm on January 4 when she attempted to leave the store with a trolley filled with 36 bottles of wine to the value of £323 without paying.

Sarah Jenkins, for the defence, said: “This is a lady who has a long standing drug addiction.

“These thefts involve attempts to steal alcohol for her to sell and it is clear what she was going to do with that money.

“We have a number of thefts within a short period of time.

“There have been no further offences which suggests a level of stability.”

Ms Jenkins said her client had engaged with Turning Point, a community drug and alcohol recovery service, and was awaiting a methadone prescription.

Magistrates issued a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered Hancock to pay £1.50 compensation to Millwood Motor Company and £87 compensation to the Co-op store in King's Stanley.

Magistrate Dr Margie Doble said: “This was a spate of high value shoplifting and the amounts of money are quite significant. We understand what you were stealing it for but you have demonstrated to us that you are committed to doing something about your drug addiction.

“By engaging with this programme you will be able to do something much more interesting with your life than scrummaging around for money for drugs.”

No costs order or victim surcharge were made.