PUPILS from Bussage Primary School will perform ‘The Scottish Play’ this week.

The young thespians will don their costumes for two musical performances of Shakespeare’s Macbeth on Monday and Tuesday.

Around 90 talented youngsters are involved in the production, with a dedicated band of parents taking on the creation of costumes and make-up.

Teacher Andrew Armond said this was the third Shakespeare play the children have performed in the past three years.

“We are very keen on Shakespeare and this is our third play, the first two being A Midsummer Night’s Dream and The Tempest,” he said.

“The three plays we have chosen are very good for children in that A Midsummer Night’s Dream features fairies and wood nymphs, The Tempest has hobgoblins and sprites and Macbeth has witches and apparitions.”

Mr Armand said that years three, four and five were involved in the musical version of the play with every member of year five having a speaking part and the younger children providing the chorus.

“It’s a wonderful thing to do with children,” he said.

Taking the lead role in the play was Daniel Pearce, while Lady Macbeth was played by Rosie Langston. Macduff was played by George Woodman, Lady Macduff by Kim Williams, and taking on the role of the three witches were Jodie Nash, Millie Shute and Arthur Hurren.

“There were, of course, lots more great roles and singing parts and everyone had a fantastic time,” added Mr Armond.